Album: 12-09 Humans vs Zombies

     Album:2012:12-09 Humans vs Zombies

I finally got a chance to play HvZ which was amazing.

This game ended up being HvHvZ (Humans vs Humans vs Zombies) - I was on the "Rogue" team of humans who was competing against the "Military" team. I decided we needed pickups and shotguns and to get drunk, but nobody had a pickup.

In the end they had to call the final mission (last stand) due to a standoff of sorts, but I hereby declare Team Rogue as the winner. (Somewhat reasonable, as we only lost 3 or so of our crew, we held together really well.)

The moderators explain the rules
( comments)
Some of my Jericho Nerf crew
( comments)
Hearing the Mission Debrief
( comments)
Santa is a zombie
[photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
Team Rogue gets a mission reward
[photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
Our mission reward,
the Military team has to play Russian Roulette. Amusing, but unsatisfying. [photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
Mission debriefing
[photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
We try to close in
on the Military team [photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
"Rogues" during a timeout,
ready to resume attack ( comments)
Heading back for a Mission reset.
(oops) [photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
Zombies coming in
on the Final Stand [photo Kevin Hudelson] ( comments)
Team Rogue,
who I claim victorious. ( comments)
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