Album: 11-03 Justin Denver

     Album:2012:11-03 Justin Denver

I hung with Justin in Colorado again.

We spent the week doing Man Things. We went dirt biking, shot guns, and played Rock Band. It was awesome.

We go bowling!
( comments)
Justin's form.
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And shooting!
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I turn out (again)
to be a natural shot. ( comments)
Those 4 shots are in a row.
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Justin kills a target for being fat.
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At 7 yards,
I conduct open heart surgery. I had another series of 5-6 bullets which cut a line through a target's head - but I can't find the photo. ( comments)
Justin prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse.
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We finally take Justin's dirt bike
out for a spin. ( comments)
Justin on his bike.
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Dave goes vroom
back into the parking lot. ( comments)
Exhausted after a ride.
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Dave the tough biker.
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Justin returns from a spin.
[Video, 15.3M] ( comments)
I attach the camera
to my chest and try to ride, though it means keeping a strange posture so that I don't just film the handlebars. [Video, 91.9M] ( comments)
Riding the first trail.
[Video, 111.7M] ( comments)
Justin cruises over a hill.
[Video, 25.3M] ( comments)
Justin bouncing back the other way.
[Video, 37.9M] ( comments)
I go cruising by.
[Video, 44.3M] ( comments)
Up the hill
and back. (troubled camerawork) [Video, 82.2M] ( comments)
After riding,
we take a break on a big rock. ( comments)
Justin rides some bumps.
[Video, 27.7M] ( comments)
Setting sun over the trails.
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Colorado has the best rocks.
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My Colorado drum set.
I finally get a drum seat! ( comments)
..for our ever present Rock Band sessions.
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