Album: 10-14 Jericho Nerf

     Album:2012:10-14 Jericho Nerf

I played an SF game called Jericho that involved two teams, Nerf guns, and running around downtown. It was fantastic. We won, of course, because of the awesomeness.
The opposition surveys their drop point
( comments)
After another successful mission
- we manage to kill the courier ( comments)
Jasmine awaits the next mission
( comments)
Planning for the third mission,
photo hunt ( comments)
The opposition prepares
( comments)
Running through the city,
taking photos of "monuments" on a map. ( comments)
I realize that I'm faster
than anyone on the other team, so I just run in front and then jog through collecting 5, and my team texts me 6 more so I deliver 11/15 only a few minutes into the game. ( comments)
The dead await the end
of the third mission. (I manage to submit 11 of the 15 photos before getting shot) ( comments)
( comments)
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