Album: 09-13 SFLX

     Album:2012:09-13 SFLX

Another SFLX, this time I was in charge, and things went basically well.

These are just some of my personal photos. The full list of photos is available at the SFLX'12 site

Gordon Webster
gets the house going. ( comments)
I run the Sat daytime party
at Fort Miley. ( comments)
And we play a new game
called "The Battle Of Normandy" - which is like Blackhawk, but with a Nerf gun. ( comments)
Planning our attack.
( comments)
..and we head down to Sutro Baths
( comments)
And then "Bunny Bunny Bunny!"
( comments)
Barbara Morrison,
who we give a birthday surprise to. ( comments)
Dancing with Jenna
( comments)
Fil Lorenz on Sunday
( comments)
..and again with Jenna,
in a Pose of Awesomeness. ( comments)
The last dancers standing
( comments)
..and then Ben gets in my way.
( comments)
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