Album: 07-06 Ursis Wedding Italy

     Album:2012:07-06 Ursis Wedding Italy

Between Herrang weeks 1 and 2 I pop down to Italy to go to my teaching partner and friends Ursi and Mattias' wedding in Certaldo, Italy in Tuscany.

It's my first time in Italy for more than a couple of hours and the food is amazing. Amazing.


Though the airlines completely screw up my luggage, and it's a week before I see it (back in Sweden, eventually)

The groom, preparing
( comments)
We go on a winery tour.
My dad would be proud. ( comments)
The expensive wines.
The family is a bit overly proud of their wealth, it's somewhat entertaining. ( comments)
We gather in the cellar storage.
( comments)
The barrels in the cellar,
medium quality ( comments)
Old bottles discovered
(actually from the 70s or so..) ( comments)
The garden has a lovely vineyard view
( comments)
Butterflies and bees
in the garden ( comments)
( comments)
Bees, bees, bees
[Video, 13.9M] ( comments)
Then the wine tasting
( comments)
People start to gather
for the wedding reception ( comments)
Bride and groom,
being romantic ( comments)
Seraphin (Ursi and M..n) with awesome hat.
( comments)
Seraphin with awesome expression.
( comments)
Another good expression
( comments)
Overlooking the party
as the sun lowers ( comments)
The incredible view
(panorama) ( comments)
( comments)
The view
( comments)
The kissing couple
( comments)
Mattias begins his job as husband.
( comments)
Explaining the amazi..and extravagant meal
- best I've ever had at any wedding. ( comments)
The pope
(translation anyone? :) [Video, 21.4M] ( comments)
More pope-y-ness
[Video, 48.5M] ( comments)
The pope shows up,
of course, to make declarations about the wedding. ( comments)
To the enjoyment of the bride and groom
( comments)
The pope isn't wearing pants
(we later discover) ( comments)
And then a dance demonstration
in honor of Ursi ( comments)
My DJing manages to injure someone
(one of the Italian girls pops her knee, unfortunately) ( comments)
There's a continuing video
collage of Ursi and Mattias ( comments)
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