Album: 06-29 Herrang

     Album:2012:06-29 Herrang

I return to Herrang for almost all of 5 weeks (I duck out to Italy between week 1 and week 2 to go to Ursi and Matthias' wedding.

I work a little too hard running Mission Impossible and don't dance much. Calle, unfortunately, could only be at the camp a couple of weeks because he had to deal with some big non-Herrang missions up North, but I got to spend time hanging out with awesome agent Alison who is moving to Berkeley, and we ended up managing to run the Hooter's Restaurant night when Calle was gone.

It seems my social credit with the camp is growing, oddly enough, and I actually got paid this year, more than the token (and wonderful) money I was given last year. It was a surprise that I didn't know about until I brought the final receipts in, so the money is waiting for me for next year when I'll probably finally buy a scooter/motorcycle.

How to find my caravan.
Turn double right off the main road at the "Morto" sign (bus stop "Ängsgården") ( comments)
Left at the "Naturreservat" sign
(onto Bredsundsvägen?) ( comments)
Then very soon a right
at this driveway at the end of Gruvägen ( comments)
Looking up the driveway at this farmhouse,
my caravan is in one of it's barns to the right. ( comments)
Interviewing agents
for Team Mission Impossible [Video, 60.8M] ( comments)
Mission: Birgitta's (Kuggen) Birthday,
we surprise her with a crew singing happy birthday and a cake, this is her response afterwads. [Video, 22.3M] ( comments)
Mission: Repair some of the hasps
on the caravan camping toilets (it's a mission that I've wanted to do for years) ( comments)
Much live music this year.
( comments)
Crikey, a new tent is needed
for the masses of students week 4. ( comments)
Calle shows up,
to his adoring fans ( comments)
Calle's Birthday!
[Video, 26.8M] ( comments)
Calle's Birthday jam,
on stage during the meeting. ( comments)
One of the more popular missions,
create a ping pong table, accomplished by Agent Zeng ( comments)
Mission: Help the cafe
retain their cups. We make this video, and it's aired much later to much success. [Video, 67M] ( comments)
Mission: Help connect roommates wanted
with roommates needed - Herrang decides to not show this in the meeting. [Video, 100M] ( comments)
Lloyd bravely stands up
for one-song/one-dance ( comments)
Visiting swans on the lake
( comments)
Boating with Marion
( comments)
( comments)
Finally, some sleep (almost)
( comments)
Finally, some sleep (almost)
( comments)
Rita/Stav decide to do my hair.
I comply. ( comments)
After all, it's women touching my hair.
( comments)
Ironically it's after one of my
delightful rants about how I think makeup/hairdos and the like are ridiculous. ( comments)
Rita, proud of her finished project.
( comments)
Ain't I lovely?
( comments)
50 People, One Question.
Lydia talked to a woman who she was surprised to discover believed in astrology. Lydia thought that everyone knew better. Lydia has lived a sheltered life, clearly. So she asked 50 people the question and recorded it, I eatured prominently as did the woman who started it all. [photo Lydia Flynn] ( comments)
Lydia's photo project
Which we did the final pose. Dave, Lydia, Lloyd, Rita? [photo Lydia Flynn] ( comments)
Cabaret Act:
Midsummer Night's Dream, as interpreted by Wookies. Something that "Chewie" and I (both Wookie impressionists) have wanted to do for some time. script [photo Alexey Makushin] ( comments)
And in the middle of our brilliant
interpretation, we have an "interruption"! ( comments)
We found a third Wookie
impersonator who we used to heckle us from the audience, and Lloyd translated. [photo Dmitry Smolin] ( comments)
Pirate party
I get a crew together and we kidnap some teachers and make them entertain us. [photo Nicholas Leeson] ( comments)
Dawn Hampton was the Pirate Queen
and judged whether they lived or not. [photo Sofia Enros] ( comments)
And they lived.
[photo Sofia Enros] ( comments)
Pirates, this time fitting the theme.
[photo Eric Esquivel] ( comments)
I still don't know how I feel about that.
[photo Eric Esquivel] ( comments)
Lydia finds me later
and decides to start recording me as if I should entertain her. So I do. [video Lydia Flynn] ( comments)
Wow. Week 3 is already packed.
This is the meeting overflow in the DanceBana ( comments)
Wild party in the Bar
[Video, 9M] ( comments)
Denny's restaurant!
( comments)
Dave & Joe,
in front of Mission Impossible [photo Gintara from Vilnius] ( comments)
I teach my stealing class
as a last-minute addition, with brave help from Christian (SF), Bara and Marie (Prague) [Video, 8.1M] ( comments)
Stealing class chaos
( comments)
A packed and happy class
( comments)
More stealing
( comments)
Stealing jam at the end of class
[Video, 30.9M] ( comments)
At the same time as my stealing class,
Stu and Tina got married in Small's Paradise... ( comments)
This disaster is the aftermath.
( comments)
The weather was cold and rainy,
and we actually had hail twice. [Video, 28.6M] ( comments)
Nando and Lisa
teach a Mozambique dance class ( comments)
For the "Geeks and Nerds" Friday party,
Dargoff hosts a Geeks/Nerds talent show ( comments)
The Swedish Choir
very geeky. ( comments)
And I do my talk:
"Star Wars is Awesome!" [Video, 397.4M] ( comments)
And I repeat it in the Bar
for the "TED" Talks. I think it made most people uncomfortable because they thought I was making fun of geeks, as opposed to simply reliving my childhood. [Video, 401M] ( comments)
Mission: Create a vi.. game for the arcade
for the Geeks and Nerds party. ( comments)
Awesome sign changeage
( comments)
Relaxing with Stav
( comments)
I finally replace the pig
that's on one side of the Herrang Pirate Crew Jolly Roger.. ( comments)
..With a proper Skull and Crossbones
( comments)
And it flies beautifully.
( comments)
Husvagn, 2012
( comments)
My front yard
(opens up week 5) ( comments)
A badger exploring Herrang
( comments)
Mission: Hooters Restaurant!
Our waitstaff advertises in the DanceBana [Video, 93.7M] ( comments)
( comments)
Hooters girls dancing
( comments)
The restaurant running
( comments)
Advertising again in the Folkets Hus
[Video, 184.4M] ( comments)
Some of the waitresses
and my kitchen staff ( comments)
This time with Lydia
( comments)
Herrang History!
We get permission to run a contemporary Blues night in the Library! ( comments)
History being made.
We had done Blues twice before in the Library, actually, but once was without permission, and once was because the Library was empty and it was very late. ( comments)
Bad Music Night
is awesome, and the return of Bananaphone [Video, 9.1M] ( comments)
Calle mentioned in the Herrang history
posted in Frankie's area. ( comments)
Serious moment
(probably from the Magic party wk 5?) [photo Alevtina Kapusta] ( comments)
Late at night
(early in the morning) ( comments)
The last dance of the last night ends,
Herrang 2012 is over! ( comments)
Lost and Found.
Almost as big as the Fulton Fun House Lindy Hotel lost and found, but not quite. (No, really). ( comments)
the campus becomes more like a campgrounds ( comments)
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