Album: 06-16 Praha Prague III

     Album:2012:06-16 Praha Prague III
The fairy tale streets
of Prague ( comments)
We Lindy Bomb the park
with the other swing group. ( comments)
..and then a nearby mall
( comments)
Mr P. finds herself a comfy chair
( comments)
Lindy party at Zig Zag
( comments)
Castles and crooked streets
( comments)
This you won't see in the USA.
Cops helping start a dead car. ( comments)
The hip new thing in Prague
is vintage car sightseeing ( comments)
And that car on the left is a '29 Model A,
just like mine! ( comments)
We go to a folk dancing class
( comments)
And to Jam Cafe,
of course ( comments)
And we hit the bar nearby
( comments)
A couple of us start dancing,
and then the floor gets packed. ( comments)
Marie and Omer ( comments)
Finishing up the bar
( comments)
Party at Zig Zag
( comments)
After party.
( comments)
Petr shows off
( comments) does Terka
( comments)
And then, of course,
comes Kinect Just Dance ( comments)
..which is goddamn funny.
( comments)
Marie's room
( comments)
We see a great local band
at a local restaurant ( comments)
Amazing band
[Video, 12.7M] ( comments)
And then we go to the gym..
( comments)
And I get free a acrobatics lesson
from a Czech champion, Petr Novák. ( comments)
( comments)
Petr and Nadya (Belarus) show up late
( comments)
I learn how to do
a straight-leg backflip [Video, 8.8M] ( comments)
Petr N. shows us how it's done
[Video, 10.1M] ( comments)
Marcela twist flips
[Video, 6.5M] ( comments)
Forward flip
[Video, 8.8M] ( comments)
These Czech stuntmen also show up,..
( comments)
..and setup pads to jump
from the top of that orange railing. I jump as well, but the video fails (actually true) ( comments)
Nadya exhausted on the way home
( comments)
Being a tourist, with Nadya
( comments)
Petr shows us the clock
( comments)
..And a great statue
( comments)
More old cars!
A Skoda! ( comments)
..and what the hell is a Krupp?
( comments)
And this is an "Asquith."
I guess Eastern European cars became a tourist theme in Pra'ha ( comments)
Petr the Great
( comments)
Back to the beautiful
St. Vitus Cathedral, with a fantastic spiral staircase (bottom left) ( comments)
St. Vitus in the distance
(from atop Petrin Observation Tower) ( comments)
A panorama of a beautiful city
(Petrin Observatory) [source images] ( comments)
Some amazing statues
at a park in the middle of the city ( comments)
We go to Dobrá Čajovna ("Good Tea"),
which becomes my new favorite tasty place in Pra'ha ( comments)
And stop by the sex museum,
to learn things. (licklicklick) ( comments)
And then they play swing!
( comments)
And we test our love.
( comments)
An amazing bar that night,..
( comments)
..with a labyrinth of art filled rooms
( comments)
It's reminiscent of City Museum
( comments)
Terka adores me.
( comments)
Then to the Jam Cafe!
( comments)
..which becomes a hippie night.
( comments)
Terka and I are not as amused.
( comments)
We dance to an amazing
Israeli band on a boat on the river. ( comments)
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