Album: 06-09 Barcelona

     Album:2012:06-09 Barcelona

I love Barcelona and use to visit it at least once a year, but then the dance scene started to wane and I started teaching in other cities. Finally I made it back and was happy to see that the scene is booming!
The Blues party
( comments)
..has these amazing musicians
( comments)
And Gaston and Alba are teaching
( comments)
( comments)
It's easy to convince Southern Europeans
to stay up late, so we head to a bar that claims "Blues" - organizer Ferran and host Rosa ( comments)
We Blues crash
a Jazz club [photo Blanca] ( comments)
Dancing with Blanca
[photo Blanca] ( comments)
Blues/Jazz Bar
[Video, 9.8M] ( comments)
Then we head to another bar
where the fantastic musicians from the Blues party are playing [photo Blanca] ( comments)
The Harlem Jazz Club,
where our dancing entertains the bar-goers [photo Blanca] ( comments)
..and the band is fantastic
(same musicians as the Blues party!) [Video, 11M] ( comments)
[photo Blanca] ( comments)
Dancing in a bar
to the amusement of our new Irish friends [photo Blanca] ( comments)
Dancing with my host, Rosa
[photo Blanca] ( comments)
[photo Blanca] ( comments)
The opening party
of "Shake That Thing" [photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
[photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
..was amazing fun
[photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
[photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
And I run into the Mans sisters,
because Laura Mans/Donnelly is in town visiting her family (this is her sister Marta) [photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
And I run into Doc Scanlon,
who has moved to Barcelona [photo Nuria Aguade] ( comments)
I walk the city late at night..
( comments)
..with newfound similar person,
Blanca (who loves her folding bike) ( comments)
The beautiful night sky
and buildings in Barcelona ( comments)
I'm in love with Barcelona streets.
( comments)
Mr. P's big eyes
[photo Blanca] ( comments)
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