Album: 05-31 Vilnius Lithuania

     Album:2012:05-31 Vilnius Lithuania

Back to Vilnius for another Blues workshop, and to spend some time in one of my new favorite European cities
Shopping we find awesome sunglasses
with organizers Dima and Justas and their awesome (and tiny) friend Inga ( comments)
Dancing on a quiet night
at ( comments)
Blues workshop
( comments)
My host (Dariusas)
has a beautiful cat ( comments)
..And Mr. P actually doesn't mind her
( comments)
Number one awesomeness in European architecture. ( comments)
(and cobble stone roads)
( comments)
Dima and Justas,
my tour guides, from top of "Three Crosses / Trys kryĆŸiai" ( comments)
Panorama of the city
[source images] ( comments)
The crosses on the hill.
We have an amusing debate over whether they are in honor of 7 or 14 monks killed, the English translation is different from the Lithuanian one. ( comments)
The original crosses,..
( comments)
..are crumbling just down the hill.
(actually, the original were probably wood, so these are the second?) ( comments)
We go to a park/hotel
that has old machines and buggies. ( comments)
And some old cars.
A "Savoy!" ( comments)
As well as these rare Black Swans
( comments)
Many, many old buggies.
( comments)
It's like an antique machine heaven
( comments)
Blues dance party!
( comments)
Vaida, moving faster than light
( comments)
Cats, almost getting along
( comments)
[Video, 29.2M]
( comments)
We go to see a great Blues band..
( comments)
Justas, Ieva, Dima and Gintare B.
( comments)
( comments)
Dancing outside
( comments)
Walking past the Cathedral
(it's not bent, that's my camera lens) ( comments)
On my last night
we go to a swing party in the basement of a bar, and the organizer finds out that I'm a travelling Blues teacher and asks if I want to teach the general crowd how to Blues, so sure! ( comments)
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