Album: 03-24 Justin and Mile High Blues

     Album:2012:03-24 Justin and Mile High Blues

I go out and teach at Mile High Blues, and I get to hang out with Justin for a week. We spend some time playing Rock Band thanks to a drum set we now co-own. We also make another film, this time a horror film, a new genre for us, and we do our first prosthetic effect, which works great!

Unfortunately editing is taking time, but the film will eventually be here.

Teaching with Haley
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Teaching with Haley
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Haley talks in class now!
:) [photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Dancing with Erica
of the mountains [photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Haley says, "You think so, huh?"
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Air Haley
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Air Haley #2
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
[photo Noah Nethero] ( comments)
Justin and I make another film.
This time it's a Horror. ( comments)
Justin's dungeon
( comments)
Working in Justin's dungeon
( comments)
Our first prosthetic effect!
Prepping the finger. ( comments)
My finger! ( comments)
Mel and Haley visit,
and decorate Justin's guest room (my room) ( comments)
( comments)
We buy a drum set
and start playing a bunch of Rock Band ( comments)
Party theme: "Mardi Gras"
showing off my awesome mask that Mel decorated. ( comments)
Emily H from Littleton,
being charming as always. ( comments)
The ladies
( comments)
The Turnverein
( comments)
Justin, dying.
I think he's allergic to making films. ( comments)
..Or he might be allergic
to the dungeon. It's nasty down there. ( comments)
( comments)
Dancing at the Mercury Cafe!
( comments)
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