Album: 02-24 Chicago Bluetopia

     Album:2012:02-24 Chicago Bluetopia
[photo Keir Briscoe]
I meet Kelly McLaren
from Iowa, and eat her head. ( comments)
And my mad rage evidently continues
[photo Keir Briscoe] ( comments)
It was an interesting dance
[photo Made By Hand Photography] ( comments)
Angie from Madison!
[photo Made By Hand Photography] ( comments)
And I run into dinosaur
Dan Skibo! [photo Made By Hand Photography] ( comments)
Bluetopia is pretty packed,
and basically fun. ( comments)
More dinosaurs in th..s out dancing again.
( comments)
And I go see my P's,..
( comments)
..where dad and I drive Gramp's Model A
one last time, before it heads out to SF to live with me! ( comments)
..courtesy of my parents
moving into a house with a smaller garage. ( comments)
Dad in the driver's seat.
( comments)
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