Album: 02-20 Prague II

     Album:2012:02-20 Prague II

I have some free time left in Berlin, and, well, Berlin and I decided to get a divorce, so that gave me the ability to run off to my new mistress, Prague (a.k.a. "Praha") and I had a wonderful time dancing (Swing, Blues, Folk and Kinect!), seeing the city and riding a Paternoster of Death.
The train to Prague
is almost empty, so I take my own cabin and put the chairs down into a bed. Luxury. ( comments)
Evelyne and I
go check out the ridiculous Sex Machines museum in Prague. ( comments)
Everyone needs a snowman
on their johnson! ( comments)
Late night dance
at the Zig-Zag studio ( comments)
And then comes songs
like Space Unicorn, of course. ( comments)
..and Neon Pegasus
[Video, 19.7M] ( comments)
..and of course,
Just Dance with Kinect! ( comments)
..which is a huge favorite.
( comments)
We play it almost every late night
( comments)
Ho! Kinect!
( comments)
Children, children, children at play.
( comments)
Outside the castle.
( comments)
We go and see a Paternoster,
which they still have in Prague, it's like an endless series of open elevator cars going round in a circle. ( comments)
We decide to ride the Paternoster
around the top, to see if we live or die. "Top floor, going up!" [Video, 101.1M] ( comments)
A woman boards the Paternoster..
never to be seen again. ( comments)
Yes, that's likely. ..featuring Coca-Cola.
( comments)
Looking down on Praha
( comments)
Any place that allows dogs
in it's bars is alright by me. ( comments)
We go to a folk dancing night..
( comments)
Which is amazing.
( comments)
Most of which are in a circle
[Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
And I learn many dances.
( comments)
Some which look quite a bit like Blues.
( comments)
Line dancing,
actually along a line ( comments)
[Video, 44.1M] ( comments)
Crankily watching me
with great suspicion. ( comments)
I teach them the viking hat game...
( comments)
..which looks obscene
in these photos. ( comments)
Goodbye time..
( comments)
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