Album: 02-09 GNSH

     Album:2012:02-09 GNSH

Another great time at Goodnight Sweetheart, though sadly without Ursi this year.

Last song of weekend: Space Unicorn

Omer (Israel) was attacking someone
with a snowball, and in this beautiful moment you see my surprise snowball showing up in their photo. [photo Michal Kandel] ( comments)
And Omer seeks revenge on me
(obscured by the woman who's honor I protected) [photo Michal Kandel] ( comments)
The Harry Potterish square
in the middle of the school ( comments)
Chazz is there,
so a Shim Sham happens ( comments)
Late night party
devolves into Dave's favorite cheeky 80's music (and Space Unicorn, of course) ( comments)
..which leads to a jam
( comments)
Last song for one of the late nights
( comments)
Last dancers standing,
GNSH 2012 ( comments)
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