Album: 02-03 Prague Blues

     Album:2012:02-03 Prague Blues

I went to Prague for more Blues, and had a wonderful time.

Last song of weekend: Space Unicorn

Taking the very comfy train.
( comments)
Dancing with Katerina
at the Friday dance ( comments)
Planning the weekend
(and ordering food) ( comments)
Naomi shows up in Berlin
and comes with me to Prague to assist. ( comments)
Talking to excellent organizer
Zdenek ("Z") ( comments)
I guess it wasn't a good dance..
;) ( comments)
My hosts, Lukas and Magda
( comments)
Evelyne and her favorite city
( comments)
St. Vitus Cathedral!
I finally get to see the real thing. ( comments)
Walking around after class.
( comments)
Panorama from the bridge
(source images) ( comments)
Prague has beautiful buildings
( comments)
And a Lego Museum
(this one's for my brother and his kids) ( comments)
Playing Kinect
(superlarge video!) [Video, 348.8M] ( comments)
And I discover XBox Kinect Dancing.
( comments)
Class warmup
with Space Unicorn! [Video, 13.6M] ( comments)
Groovin', baby!
( comments)
Before Musicality class
[Video, 34.6M] ( comments)
After Musicality class
(at a workshop for people new to Blues, this is from one class about Musicality, not choreography based) [Video, 96.8M] ( comments)
( comments)
Getting close to St. Vitus!
( comments)
That can't be good for the guns.
[Video, 47.4M] ( comments)
As the owner of,
it's nice to finally see the place. ( comments)
..which is epically gothic.
( comments)
Panorama of Saint Vitus Cathedral
(source images) ( comments)
Panorama of Old Town Square
where the fantastic astronomical clock is (source images) ( comments)
A little tiny side street
at the castle, where artisans made their mini crafts. ( comments)
..and I mean *tiny*
( comments)
Bridges over bridges. Great.
( comments)
Evelyne works at the theatre,
so we get to sneak inside ( comments)
And look down at the set crew
all the way up on the 107th balcony, approximately 6000m in the air. (give or take) ( comments)
And we sneak out on the roof,
where there's an amazing view. ( comments)
Evelyne on the roof
( comments)
In front of the castle
( comments)
"choreography" partly inspired by Mark K @ Herrang [Video, 29.6M] ( comments)
( comments)
The dance is *this* big!
( comments)
DJing while Evelyne hangs out
( comments)
Can you guess what style is in right now
in Europe? ( comments)
Rar! Big steps!
( comments)
Lining people up for turns
( comments)
The room isn't big enough,
let's move the wall! ( comments)
Marie and Bara,
the beginnings of the Prague Blues scene. ( comments)
Naomi must be taught a lesson
( comments)
The beautiful Evelyne
( comments)
Group photo!
( comments)
Last night at the Jam Cafe
( comments)
Someone got a video of the last song,
but for some reason it doesn't play well [Video, 2.8M] ( comments)
Getting ready to leave
Prague, with Lukas, Naomi and Evelyne, at the old train station ( comments)
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