Album: 01-09 Berlin Home Base

     Album:2012:01-09 Berlin Home Base

I make Berlin my headquarters for six weeks.

Berlin is an interesting city. It's not quite the art house I thought it would be, though Kreuzberg is a great neighborhood. There's many people from not-Germany living in Berlin, and it takes a while for me to realize that just about everyone that ends up hanging out with me is from not-Germany. Evidently the Berliners are not fans of me.

My first Berlin dance,..
( comments)
Tante Lisbet on Tuesday
(now closed) ( comments)
Berlin only has one river,
but I see it everywhere. ( comments)
What's wrong with this building?
( comments)
Beautiful building,
next to ugly building (and the Fernsehturm tower/spike in the back) ( comments)
Late night Blues
on Thursday nights (run by Marcus in center) ( comments)
Marcus (USA) and Vanessa (France),
good examples of the international aspects of Berlin. Vanessa also looks like Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years. ( comments)
Elisabeth is just about the only German
I end up hanging out with. Not the friendliest people. ( comments)
The inside
( comments)
The front of the kiosk is a party
( comments)
Someone parked a bus
and opened a kiosk. The second floor is games and a mini-cafe. ( comments)
The Brussels airport had proper labelling
for it's religious area ("Cultes") ( comments)
Katheryn (USA) in Hamburg
comes and visits me in Berlin ( comments)
Super Dickmann!
(Which is actually delicious) ( comments)
Speaking of interesting advertisements.
( comments)
Katheryn on the train,
we're practicing our sex eyes. ( comments)
In the Rothaus
(the mayor's house) at Alexanderplatz, there's an interesting display of Berlin over the years. ( comments)
And the Senate's offices.
( comments)
We go to the zoo,
and I convince a Rhino to come over and say hi. ( comments)
Polar Bears.
I have a conversation with the one in front. ( comments)
And then I talk to some wolves.
Pity the dirty glass. ( comments)
They want a smell
of the strange human. ( comments)
One by one
a wolf comes over to talk to me. ( comments)
And then I have a talk with an Otter.
It seems that the animals in the Berlin Zoo are lonely, because nobody is talking to them. ( comments)
This happy trotting Bison
really cracked me up, so.. [Video, 35.3M] ( comments)
Ride of the Bison
[Video, 16M] ( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
Definitely a lonely giraffe.
( comments)
We see the big cat house
right at closing time. ( comments)
And the cats start growling at everyone
to get out at closing. Seriously. It was weird. [Video, 12.9M] ( comments)
Post-growling panting.
[Video, 29.2M] ( comments)
Growling Dave
( comments)
Chinese ping-pong.
Super fun. [Video, 32.2M] ( comments)
People start getting eliminated
[Video, 32.7M] ( comments)
And I final make it to the final two
a few times. Evidently I'm a natural at Chinese Ping-Pong, until it finally reduces to regular ping pong, which I suck at. [Video, 5.2M] ( comments)
Panorama of Gendarmenmarkt Square,
from the Konzerthaus to Französischer Dom to Deutscher Dom (Neue Kirche) ( comments)
Another Thursday Blues
( comments)
Naomi and Jered (USA,USA)
at Thursday Blues ( comments)
My office in Berlin,
plus cat. ( comments)
The river freezes
( comments)
The new Wednesday venue
( comments)
Ane from Oslo visits!
( comments)
Marcus, Duc, Ane
( comments)
..and Naomi is still in town.
( comments)
..and a decent photo of me.
( comments)
..and a decent photo of Marcus.
Don't we all look handsome? ( comments)
Duc's place
( comments)
My lord.. The birds.
They surround my apartment, Hitchcock fashion. ( comments)
Am I the only one revolted
by the fact that Checkpoint Charlie is now next to a McDonalds? Maybe we should give West Germany back. ( comments)
One of the last remaining sections
of the Berlin Wall. ( comments)
Along the decaying Berlin Wall
( comments)
[Video, 83.1M]
The best Falafel
I have ever had, in Berlin nonetheless and named, of course, "Falafel" (with Marcus and Elisabeth) ( comments)
Berlin Blues Workshop:
Before Musicality class [Video, 42.7M] ( comments)
Berlin Blues Workshop:
After Musicality class ( comments)
Looking out at the Fernsehturm tower
from right outside my apartment in Mitte. ( comments)
Just walking down the street,
I run into this histerical videotaping of some commercial of some sort. [Video, 17M] ( comments)
Going dancing in Berlin
on my last night. ( comments)
I run into a cranky Elisabeth.
( comments)
We get Falafel at "Falafel Dave"
(not 100% true) ( comments)
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