Album: 01-06 SFFX OMDW

     Album:2012:01-06 SFFX OMDW

The "San Francisco Fusion Exchange" was:
  • Not in San Francisco
  • Not fusing together anything
  • Not an Exchange
Hence I decided to refer to SFFX as OMDW, the "Oakland Multi-Dance Workshop"
Dancing with Laura/Shark
from Seattle [photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
And the amazing Karen Smith
[photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
And the delicious Brianne
who looks a hell of a lot like Debra from "Dexter" if you ask me. [photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
[photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
Herbie and the bus,
together again. [photo Jacob Canon] ( comments)
The event was well attended
( comments)
Lauren from FC
( comments)
And the brilliant Sean Morse
( comments)
Diane from Vancouver
( comments)
My home for the weekend
( comments)
Relaxing with Brianne
( comments)
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