Album:2011:12-28 Lindy Focus X
Dancing w/ Christina Austin,
in an epic photo of epicness. This may have been during one of the Underground Contests (dance like a lobster, etc..) or we may just have thought this was a good idea. [photo Jessica Keener]
[photo Bonsey]
Late night, "I Just Had Sex"
at LF, including a moment where Dax shows us how he gets down.
On New Years Eve I'd had enough
of Lindy Focus and I told LF to bin it...
Megan and I get some food ..and then we go Contra Dancing instead. It was frickin' great. Contra on NYE
So Megan is now my hero. Note the superfine silver suit
(that I picked up in Thailand)
Monster group photo
(I'm in the back, I think, and that may be me jumping..) [photo Bonsey]
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