Album: 11-30 Portland Hot Springs

     Album:2011:11-30 Portland Hot Springs

As my 40th birthday is looming (it feels weird to even type that age) I decide to take my time coming back from my adventures in the Northwest and spend some time at the hot springs in Oregon.
I go out to a Blues night
in Portland and I'm shocked with the number of dancers - this is at midnight. ( comments)
Portland Blues
( comments)
I go up to Bagby Hot Springs...
( comments)
It's a 1.5 mile hike
to the springs, starting with this bridge. ( comments)
Bridge to the future!!
( comments)
The path winds along a river.
( comments)
And another bridge.
( comments)
I stay a couple days,
the next day there's frost and it's chilly. ( comments)
Looking at the springs building.
( comments)
There are a number of tubs.
Piping hot water with virtually no sulfur! I spend hours each day here, soaking. ( comments)
Coming back,
I try to get a photo, but the steam off my head interferes. ( comments)
I find a tiny person chair
that I eventually need to buy for the bus. ( comments)
I try to send a photo
to Nabi to show her the size to get her buying advice. This turns out to be foolish, because she would be thumbs up for any bear chair, regardless of size. ( comments)
My bus parked at Bagby
( comments)
As an excellent friend,
Nabi flies up to visit me, I pick her up at PDX and we stop in Portland to get some excellent truck food. ( comments)
We drive up to Cougar/Terwilliger Springs
past the dam. ( comments)
Cougar is beautiful.
This is at the entrance. ( comments)
The springs
( comments)
The springs at night,
a decent temperature, could have been hotter. ( comments)
Low-light exposure w..scanning flashlight.
( comments)
Turns out you can't be at Cougar
at night. The feds ticket us. ( comments)
Then we head to McCredie Springs
which are right by the road on a river. ( comments)
The surface of the water is hot,
but it doesn't mix well, so the water isn't warm enough for me, and it's a bit shallow. ( comments)
Nabi in the springs,
she disagrees with me on the "not hot enough" ( comments)
Across the river is another springs
that we'd heard about. ( comments)
We find the path,
which is made of big, awesome trees. ( comments)
That take you through the forest.
( comments)
And over the river.
( comments)
The springs.
They are colder on this side, evidently useful in the summer when the main springs are too hot. ( comments)
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