Album:2011:11-24 Xgiving Chicago

It's back to Chicago for XGiving, this time I managed to get some dancing done in Chicago as well. Great Blues scene!
My brother and I
meet in Minnesota to drive up to see our Gramps.
Dancing at Bluetopia,
which is packed!
Bluetopia Seeing old friends
is always a surprise.
My family getting ready for XMas,
Uncle Jerry and my brothers kids hiding behind the stack of boxes.
Holy cow, that's
a lot of XMas cheer (in physical form) [Video, 29.1M]
Hanging the lights
on a plastic tree. (Either that or we just need to let it grow some more)
This is my holiday face.
Game playing
with the family. It was poker ages ago, then Asshole/Corporation, then 500, then Rook, and now back to Corporation.
Playing "Asshole".
We call it "Corporation" for the kids.
Okay, that's just about
the worst hand ever. Three's are low. If we were playing High-Low poker then I would have nailed it.
Making up for that hand
is the hand of awesomeness. I was president and stayed that way, clearly - it was over in a matter of moments.
And then another amazing hand
in a game with less players (so more cards). This is pretty much an instant win. I got rid of the 3 and actually had to get rid of the Ace and then just played my pairs all the way up.
I bet my dad a dollar
that my point and shoot can take better low-light photos than his expensive SLR camera (my Canon Powershot S95 vs his Nikon D700).
Dad's Nikon D700:
Low light (nice warm colors, though, I must admit)
Powershot S95:
This is with all the lights off, all the light is from two laptop computers and the XMas lights outside the window. It almost looks like daytime, if anything I need to turn the light down because parts of it are washed out.
with motion.
Dad's Nikon D700: All lights off Powershot S95:
All the lights off,
Dad's Nikon D700:
Lights off w/ motion
And I win a dollar.
(Winning camera: Canon Powershot S95, losing camera, some nifty Nikon SLR)
My parents cat
decides to socially sneak up on Mr P.
And that's surprisingly kind of okay.
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