Album: 11-23 Madison Visit

     Album:2011:11-23 Madison Visit

Right before XGiving I rent a car and drive up to Madison. It makes my heart giddy everytime I'm in the city, and I always visit the same old places that I miss. In addition, I managed to finally get some dancing done in the Madison scene!
One of my favorite homes,
Senior Year II at Bassett Street, minus the front shrubs/trees and concrete lions, sadly. ( comments)
Looking down at Kodi Park.
( comments)
Another special home,
the front third floor of Broom St - Sophomore through Senior I. ( comments)
How odd to see an MCI bus
that says "Madison" and is not mine ( comments)
The ballroom that I never appreciated
while at Madison, but the one I almost got married in. Oops! ( comments)
Looking up one of my favorite streets,
State St. ( comments)
The area outside the Statesider,
now changed. The area where I met Mitch G. while carrying around my ferrets is now gone. ( comments)
Okay, that's actually pretty clever.
( comments)
Government doesn't usually inspire me,
but I foolishly love the Madison capital. ( comments)
The Langdon.
My freshman year dorm. It looks like it might be empty. ( comments)
The Langdon.
My freshman year dorm. It looks like it might be empty. ( comments)
This is where Dana,
one of my best friends from the Langdon lived after our freshman year. ( comments)
And the commune that my good friend(s)
Deb'NLeigh stayed at. ( comments)
The new Union South.
The old Union South (engineering union) was a ridiculously and unfriendly laid-out monstrousity. So is this, just bigger. ( comments)
My spot in the Engineering building
basement computer lab. ( comments)
The excellent Angie
humours me and we go to Jolly Bob's. They have Chicken Well Curry again, but the recipes for everything have changed. Sadness. ( comments)
Madison has a dance on Wednesday,
and they actually hold it the day before XGiving! ( comments)
( comments)
Bert and I fell in love
with riding around the Arboreteum during the "Summer of Love" ( comments)
The woods were simple,
but delicious ( comments)
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