Album: 11-17 Austin Lindy Exchange

     Album:2011:11-17 Austin Lindy Exchange
Some of us go to the White Swan
which is the replacement for TCs grill, which I sadly missed the closing night of by one day. ( comments)
Todd (host) and Katie
( comments)
Dancing at White Swan
( comments) the Little Elmore Reed Band!
( comments)
Dear god,
my phone is not co-operating [photo Marsha Mitchell] ( comments)
Making a totally normal,
totally plain face. (With awesome cheese in the background) [photo Marsha Mitchell] ( comments)
Some alpha males
meet for an alpha male summit. [photo Nathan Malone] ( comments)
White Swan crew
( comments)
Sean Morse does a house concert.
( comments)
After the party.
( comments)
( comments)
Dancing at Kick Butt
( comments)
Late night at Kick Butt
[photo Samuel Chang] ( comments)
Outside Kick Butt Blues
[photo Marsha Mitchell] ( comments)
Dork at Kick Butt
[photo Samuel Chang] ( comments)
Dancing with Rachel
at Kick Butt [photo Samuel Chang] ( comments)
The adorable, though ridiculous
Maggie [photo Samuel Chang] ( comments)
[photo Samuel Chang] ( comments)
Taking a break
with the Mr. P. [photo Rachel] ( comments)
Taking a break
with Rachel [photo Rachel] ( comments)
I go and visit Bill B.,
one of our teaching community who has been put in Bastrop Federal Prison for ridiculous reasons. ( comments)
A notice that you can be searched.
No kidding. (Sometimes our lives get screwed by powers greater than us.) ( comments)
The prison from far away.
(I realized that many friends probably haven't visited Bill because the idea of visiting a prison is pretty terrifying.) ( comments)
The parking lot.
(I figured these photos might help show people that it's not a huge deal.) ( comments)
Looking at the entry
from the parking lot. (They let the visitors leave the prison after visiting hours, after all. :) ( comments)
Walking to the entrance.
No more cameras from here on out. ( comments)
The Fed front desk
[photo Marsha Mitchell] ( comments)
Making a totally normal,
totally plain face. [photo Marsha Mitchell] ( comments)
Nate the Great makes us
some balloon archery sets, and we attempt to hit a balloon apple, generally failing (though I lucked out and hit it on my 2nd or third try). ( comments)
[Video, 5.7M] ( comments)
[Video, 8.3M] ( comments)
[Video, 13.7M] ( comments)
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