Album:2011:11-17 Austin Lindy Exchange
Some of us go to the White Swan
which is the replacement for TCs grill, which I sadly missed the closing night of by one day.
Todd (host) and Katie Dancing at White Swan the Little Elmore Reed Band!
Dear god,
my phone is not co-operating [photo Marsha Mitchell]
Making a totally normal,
totally plain face. (With awesome cheese in the background) [photo Marsha Mitchell]
Some alpha males
meet for an alpha male summit. [photo Nathan Malone]
White Swan crew
Sean Morse does a house concert. After the party. Sean Dancing at Kick Butt
Late night at Kick Butt
[photo Samuel Chang]
Outside Kick Butt Blues
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
Dork at Kick Butt
[photo Samuel Chang]
Dancing with Rachel
at Kick Butt [photo Samuel Chang]
The adorable, though ridiculous
Maggie [photo Samuel Chang]
[photo Samuel Chang]
Taking a break
with the Mr. P. [photo Rachel]
Taking a break
with Rachel [photo Rachel]
I go and visit Bill B.,
one of our teaching community who has been put in Bastrop Federal Prison for ridiculous reasons.
A notice that you can be searched.
No kidding. (Sometimes our lives get screwed by powers greater than us.)
The prison from far away.
(I realized that many friends probably haven't visited Bill because the idea of visiting a prison is pretty terrifying.)
The parking lot.
(I figured these photos might help show people that it's not a huge deal.)
Looking at the entry
from the parking lot. (They let the visitors leave the prison after visiting hours, after all. :)
Walking to the entrance.
No more cameras from here on out.
The Fed front desk
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
Making a totally normal,
totally plain face. [photo Marsha Mitchell]
Nate the Great makes us
some balloon archery sets, and we attempt to hit a balloon apple, generally failing (though I lucked out and hit it on my 2nd or third try).
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