Album: 10-09 Denver Visit

     Album:2011:10-09 Denver Visit

I went out to see my buddy Justin in Colorado again. This time we managed to spit out two videos to add to the Third Wall Productions library, one using significant props and the other one using green screen! It's like I'm growing up! ;)
Justin's fancy hair.
( comments)
We turn Justin's extra room
into my Denver HQ, complete with computer desk and Mr. Peterson ( comments)
Justin demonstrates the proper way
to pet a cat (with Max) ( comments)
"Living Life To The Fullest"
our first video of the visit, one that I've wanted to make for a long time. [Video, 7M] ( comments)
Mr. Peterson and Max
begin the healing process. ( comments)
This is what happens.. you show up at 11pm
at dances in Denver. Lightweights! What happened to the late night Denver I knew? ( comments)
But a Saturday house party
was fun. ( comments)
In a garage space.
( comments)
Justin and I
decide to go race karts on a track. ( comments)
But not kids toys.
These karts go up to 80/90 mph. ( comments)
Cruising around the track
on our warmup lap. Later we manage to do the mile track in 1m13s, just 3s short of the goal to be able to use the highest speed karts. [Video, 9.6M] ( comments)
"Denial Grenade"
a beautiful idea borne out of seeing a grenade at an army surplus shop. [Video, 38M] ( comments)
Saying goodbye to Jackson,
the mound of cat. ( comments)
And Max.
( comments)
The cats finally start to get along,
thanks to catnip ( comments)
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