Album: 09-22 Allen and Haleys Wedding

     Album:2011:09-22 Allen and Haleys Wedding

One of my best friends, HaleyMo, finally got married to her boy Allen.

They did a weekend of festivities, including beach time, playing at the House of Air trampoline park, as well as one of the happiest wedding/receptions I've seen at Tilden Park in Berkeley.

My gift to them was something that connected all three of us, I did sound and built a makeshift dance floor for the reception.

Haley and Allen
get married [photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
I supply music,
and Bonnie's b/f spins fire at the beach [photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
The wedding site
at setup, Tilden Park - Laurel Site [photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
My bus arrives
carrying lumber, and instantly becomes a changing station for the groom/groomsmen ( comments)
Building the dance floor
[photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
Some silly long hair
decided to put on "Space Unicorn".. ( comments)
..and the wedding party
erupted into unicorn dancing ( comments)
(marshmallow lasers!)
( comments)
Greatest song ever.
( comments)
Loading up the plywood
on the roof of the bus [photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
I get a crew
(mostly B.O.B. Burners) to help load up the wood after the event. [photo Bonnie Rose] ( comments)
( comments)
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