Album:2011:09-09 San Diego Workshop

I went down to San Diego for a week to teach some classes and see some people, and, of course, I went to Disneyland!
Teaching at Blue Bella
on Friday [photo Jeff Eldridge]
Teaching Sat workshop I saw this saying
on the wall of the studio, and it's great.
Then we go out
to see a Blues band
And I can't remember the band, sadly Hanging out at the bar
with Leanna
Working on the bus
at the beach in SD (building my clothing cabinet)
Out dancing again
And the band..
[Video, 8.2M]
Leanna dancing Leanna A more serious side.
Less serious. Leanna's dog meets Mr P. And they actually get along. Curious cat, wary dog.
Leanna is going to Disneyland
[Video, 11.8M]
Entering the Matterhorn
[Video, 11M]
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