Album: 08-24 Burning Man

     Album:2011:08-24 Burning Man
Fire Jumping
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Propane Soccer
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The Man Burn
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Driving to the event,
an iPhone HDR photo ( comments)
Another beautiful sunset.
Sunrise. Set. I don't remember. ( comments)
The long road to Gerlach.
( comments)
Driving into the event.
( comments)
Also a long road.
And at 5mph, much slower. ( comments)
With my bus idling forward,
I climb up on the roof and drive into the city, driverless. Perhaps irresponsible, but not many people have surfed their own driverless tour bus. ( comments)
I arrive at the Greeter stations,
pre-Greeters! My first non-greeted Burn. (I was an early arrival on Wednesday) ( comments)
Center camp in the distance,
the town just beginning to be built. ( comments)
My first home,
camping with B.O.B. at around 7:30 & C? Taken Friday before gates open ( comments)
Allen and Stu
skinning the B.O.B. dome that I helped build. ( comments)
My final home,
at 6:30 and A. ( comments)
Building more decking
to add solar panels. ( comments)
The glow of the night,..
( comments)
..preparing for the Trojan Horse burn
( comments)
The horse alights
as it's hit by arrows [Video, 55.5M] ( comments)
The fireworks go off
( comments)
And the fire begins.
( comments)
The horse burns
( comments)
( comments)
The horse burns
[Video, 21.1M] ( comments)
The Trojan Horse,
post burn. ( comments)
Those wheels are solid wood!
( comments)
The temple at night
in the distance ( comments)
Temple at night
( comments)
Inside the temple,
the bells ringing. ( comments)
The temple
up close ( comments)
..beautiful spires.
( comments)
Panaroma of the town.. the week (Saturday)
( comments)
Nabi from the top of the bus
( comments)
The man and the temple,
from the bus. ( comments)
The bus parked on A.
( comments)
Greeting virgins!
This was taken by this virgin's friends, and amazingly someone who knew me saw the photo and tagged me. It's a small world! [photo Nina Kim] ( comments)
Hanging at camp
( comments)
Camp and friends
( comments)
Fantastic octopus monster
("El Pulpo Mechanico") ( comments)
Video of the octopus articulation
(driven by one cam!) [Video, 17M] ( comments)
OgreDave in the sky
( comments)
OgreDave at Flaming Lotus Girls
( comments)
Nabi at the Flaming Lotus Girls
( comments)
Black Rock Roller Disco!
(I helped build the floor this year) ( comments)
We find a ship art car,
and I take the crow's nest ( comments)
..and look down on my crew.
( comments)
Victor warms up
in the barely fitting fur. ( comments)
Nabi plays with fire
[Video, 39.8M] ( comments)
Dave holds fire
[Video, 45.2M] ( comments)
We find the theatre!
( comments)
The sun rises
( comments)
And it is good.
( comments)
Mr. D!
( comments)
Sun explosion!
( comments)
The bells playing
[Video, 27.5M] ( comments)
The temple harp
[Video, 33.5M] ( comments)
Someone does smoke rings, again
( comments)
Returning home
I fillup my water at the usual place, and a million cats are there to greet me. ( comments)
( comments)
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