Album: 07-13 Herrang

     Album:2011:07-13 Herrang
On the bus,
Mr. P makes friends with a butterfly ( comments)
Mr. P
( comments)
They decide to chill out
and get a coffee later. ( comments)
Herrang morning skyline
[on iPhone w/ ProHDR] ( comments)
The waterline
[iPhone w/ ProHDR] ( comments)
Mission: Olympics Torch Run
[photo Nicholas Leeson] ( comments)
Karen runs the torch
[photo Nicholas Leeson] ( comments)
Sitting in the cafe
with Anna [photo Thai Tran] ( comments)
Food Court Competition:
With Kung Pao (Adam and myself) vs Italy vs Russia vs ?? ( comments)
We were winning until Italy
brought out dessert. ( comments)
Award ceremony
( comments)
I come out with Anna looking all classy and prepared to Blues. Then Mark and Robert enter with the Herrang Kazoo Band [photo Dmitry Smolin] ( comments)
[photo Dmitry Smolin]
Then 'Put A Ring On It'
[photo Dmitry Smolin] ( comments)
Nico took over the meeting,
and everything fell to pieces. ( comments)
Mission: Help run/MC an obstacle course..
but the volunteers end up having a water balloon fight. ( comments)
How very Herrang
(mid-air action shot!) ( comments)
Then balloons aren't enough
( comments)
Running the obstacle course
[Video, 32M] ( comments)
Competition: 4 feet, 3 hands, two heads
on the ground [Video, 27M] ( comments)
Entry #1
( comments)
Entry #2
( comments)
Entry #3
( comments)
Entry #4
( comments)
Cooking at the Denny's with Dods
( comments)
Our food cleanliness standards are high
( comments)
( comments)
Another good night
at Denny's ( comments)
Late night at Herrang
( comments)
Adam conked out
at reception. ( comments)
The DanceBana,
fairly packed. ( comments)
From our film,
the pool repair mission. ( comments)
Pool Repair [Video, 35M] ( comments)
Lloyd and I make a video
based on his research on how to reject dances [Video, 27M] ( comments)
Brilliant cabaret act
synchronized swimming [Video, 57M] ( comments)
Holy cow, bikes.
( comments)
Dave and Anna
at the cafe ( comments)
And now Herrang
has a food court in the driveway. ( comments)
By mistake
I manage to capture an image of Ekaterina [Video, 15M] ( comments)
After some sweaty dancing.
( comments)
The pit of the big mine
( comments)
Evelyne at the mines
( comments)
The big mine is one of my favorite places
( comments)
Another mine nearby
[Panorama] ( comments)
And another mine..
( comments)
There are many mines
in Herrang, and I decided to start finding the other ones. ( comments)
Which brought me to these cows.
( comments)
The Folkets Hus
( comments)
And Agnes finally shows up.
( comments)
Warning. Agnes.
( comments)
Evelyne closeup.
( comments)
My new spot
- at the end of the lawn, where I get open air on three sides and a view of my kingdom. ( comments)
My fortallt.
( comments)
Chester. Is. A. Little. Crazy.
( comments)
Ballroom dancing.
( comments)
Herrang has a new fl..neighborhood kitten.
( comments)
It's time for some Four Square.
( comments)
[Video, 39M]
Kevin joins the fray
[Video, 20M] ( comments)
Swedish king
fails the serve ( comments)
Victor goes down [Video, 16M] ( comments)
Israel joins,
and people get fancy [Video, 38M] ( comments)
The hidden Blues room,
of which there occurs a silly DJ controversy with my position at Herrang, and that's all I'm going to say about that. ( comments)
But it's occasionally a nice place
to possibly find Blues. ( comments)
Alx from Greece is in da house.
Sh'nizzle fo sho. ( comments)
Crushing Christina from Greece
in Frankie's corner ( comments)
Calle serenades Felicitas
( comments)
the serenader [Video, 98M] ( comments)
Cooking some Kung Pao
in the Husvagn with Dods and Agnes ( comments)
Agnes and Peter [Chicago]
( comments)
A tired Dave..
( comments)
..late at night
( comments)
And finally Ondine shows up
( comments)
Dave in the cafe
( comments)
Ondine hides
( comments)
Agnes plays piano.
Her bag makes her look pregnant. ( comments)
Stem of faucet leaking.
Repair with electrical tape! ( comments)
I build a table
and get a monitor and keyboard so that I can setup a workstation. ( comments)
..and install a bathroom cabinet.
( comments)
As well as a "yellow tank",
similar to my bus ( comments)
..and I get some nice sheets,
though they don't make fitted sheets for my mattress, so I sew them up. ( comments)
..and finally repair this door.
( comments)
I mount a whiteboard outside for messages,
Victor adds the first one. ( comments)
And I get wood to bu..ce floor in the tent
for private lessons. ( comments)
Bad music night
is a thrill, though it gets weaker as the music at Herrang gets better. [Video, 9.1M] ( comments)
But it lets me request this song.
Best song ever. [Video, 3.3M] ( comments)
Star Wars playing at Herrang.
Two of my favorite things. ( comments)
..and a number of Leias.
( comments)
I, of course, dress like a Pirate,
since it's Friday night. Here with one of my most troublesome wenchs, Ekaterina ( comments)
Blue pirate!
( comments)
For the space theme,
we have goats in space. ( comments)
A tired pirate walks home.
( comments)
Rock and Roll!
( comments)
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