Album: 07-04 Nice France

     Album:2011:07-04 Nice France

Back to Nice for work. It would be nice to get a free trip to Nice in July, if it wasn't for the fact that it cuts into Herrang time.
Monument thingy
at the end of the Promenade Anglais ( comments)
Looking down along the beach
( comments)
Walking through the Nice "Opera"
( comments)
Amusingly, I happen to be in Nice
during the Nice Jazz Festival. And not a Lindy follow in sight. Ah well. [Video, 31.6M] ( comments)
Taking the long drive home
from Sophia Antipolis, Nice is ahead in the distance. ( comments)
I stop at a random restaurant..
( comments)
and eat some delicious clams
and frites avec le moutarde de dijon. ( comments)
The old streets of Nice
( comments)
And of course, Le Safari,
my great aunt's favorite restaurant. ( comments)
..near her house,
which I'm happily amused to see now contains a dance company. ( comments)
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