Album: 06-19 Thailand

     Album:2011:06-19 Thailand
Things you can't do in the taxi.
Notice the second icon. ( comments)
Cats are evidently loved
in Thailand, as they are very friendly. ( comments)
Side streets in Bangkok,
everyone seems to have cheap massage. ( comments)
Why they tell you to not drink the water.
( comments)
We need to rush back.. hotel at rush hour,
so we take harrowing rides on taxi scooters. I manage to briefly pull out my camera to get some of the less harrowing parts, but none of it compares to Nabi's ride where the scooters in front of them had an accident that they almost ran into. [Video, 5.6M] ( comments)
Nabi at a local market
we stumble upon. ( comments)
San Francisco in Thailand.
Weird. ( comments)
In Phuket we get clothes made,
Nabi using some ridiculous test pants for sizing, and almost ends up buying them. ( comments)
Getting measurements for my jacket
( comments)
We head out to a floating restaurant..
( comments)
On the way to the docks,
a poor little monkey on a short chain. ( comments)
We take a long boat,
very common 'taxi' in Thailand. ( comments)
Getting closer to the restaurant "island"
( comments)
The restaurant is floating
on barrels and foam blocks. ( comments)
And it's lovely,
if you ignore the Pepsi sponsored plastic tableclothes ( comments)
We come back for a second fitting
( comments)
I kind of dig the jacket
in it's half-finished form. ( comments)
Nabi is happy with her silk dress..
( comments)
..and shows off her pants
(with the same silver silk as my jacket, damn copycat!) ( comments)
We rent a motorcycle for a night.
( comments)
We head out to Kata beach for the night..
( comments)
..and improve on the Ljung-family Dragon
by adding skeletal wings. ( comments)
A fireworks seller on the beach
joins our party. ( comments)
The Dragon with firework caps
for eyes. ( comments)
And then the dragon gets glowing eyes
(some bouncy toys that I think the firework's guy or his friend was trying to sell us) ( comments)
Nabi rides the dragon
( comments)
Dino Park Miniature Golf!
( comments)
Nabi's worst shot ever,
amongst the Triceratops poop. [Video, 6.4M] ( comments)
Most dangerous shot in the paleolithic era
( comments)
Shooting par 4,000,000 B.C.
( comments)
Finishing our holes
before the volcano blows ( comments)
Yet another Thai massage,
this time from a Triceratops. ( comments)
We take a boat out
to Ko Phi Phi island, off of Phuket. ( comments)
Riding the boat,
scanning the horizon. [Video, 22.6M] ( comments)
The island(s)
in the distance ( comments)
( comments)
Coming in closer.
( comments)
The side of the island.
( comments)
Coming in..
( comments) port
( comments)
Along the beach
(on the back side) ( comments)
..which is the quieter side,
though it's resort loaded. ( comments)
Cat on the beach!
( comments)
We pick an island
and jump in a long boat, hoping to find a reasonable place to stay. ( comments)
$18/night.  (Toh Kor Beach Resort - the cabin was like 550THB = ~18USD, and it was 1500THB when we came back in 2014)
Cruising past a (near) empty beach.
( comments)
As the day draws late.
( comments)
Our bamboo hut on the beach
on an island. ( comments)
We are told that we can hike
from our resort over the lookout point to the center of the island in 10 minutes. What they meant to tell us was 30 minutes, and with very over-friendly bats. ( comments)
We finally see the l..f the island center,
bats left behind. Needless to say we take a longboat taxi back. ( comments)
We find an incredible restaurant
that is a local favorite called The Orange Place. ( comments)
..and it features cats.
(not to eat) ( comments)
Sanook comes up and talks to us.
( comments)
( comments)
Orange Kitchen kitchen
( comments)
Rambo Rwor!
( comments)
..and Nam Chok in the back
( comments)
And then this little monster walks in.
( comments)'s hard not to t..of the kittens home.
( comments)
It turns out there's..n party happening,..
( comments)
..and the rope light signs,
cobbled together structures, bad music and far-from-civilization make it very reminiscent of the rave side of Burning Man [Video, 6.7M] ( comments)
Looking at our cabin.
(Tohko / Toh Kor Beach Resort) ( comments)
The beach we are staying at.
( comments)
Back at the mainland,
they are serving the restaurant waste.. ( comments)
..back to the fish.
Cannibal recyclers! ( comments)
We finally find Mango with Sticky Rice,
though it's actually not that good. ( comments)
"Funnel into out the passenger"
( comments)
The row of long boats
at the pier at island center ( comments)
We go to Wat Suwan Kuha (Temple),
also known as the Monkey Cave. ( comments)
Nabi is the Buddha
( comments)
Those black dots?
Bats. Bats galore. ( comments)
Heading from the first cave
to the next ( comments)
We think about entering this side cave.
Full of bats. Maybe another time. ( comments)
Looking back from the top
of the dark cave ( comments)
Looking out of the second cave.
( comments)
Perfect cave names.
( comments)
And outside, the monkeys,
which are domesticated and you can feed them! ( comments)
Walking monkey
( comments)
Eating monkey
( comments)
Feeding monkeys
[Video, 8.2M] ( comments)
Chin scratch
while feeding ( comments)
Nuts are far tastier
( comments)
No more food? Bye!
[Video, 3.7M] ( comments)
They like to hold on,
to make sure their food doesn't go anywhere. ( comments)
Nabi feeding
( comments)
Little freakish looking baby monkeys
( comments)
Seriously, the babies look freaky.
Which backs up my point that dog babies, cat babies, penguin babies.. all cute. Human babies? Ugly. [Video, 3M] ( comments)
Monkeys everywhere!
( comments)
Feeding some monkeys over on the side.
( comments)
with a heated pool and two hot springs (you can see one right past the pool)
We find a dock in Phang Nga Bay,
but it's late, so we decide to come back the next day. ( comments)
We find a resort to stay at,
$50/each/night, ( comments)
The view from the room.
A fantastic place and it seems that only three or four rooms are occupied during off-season. ( comments)
Heading out to James Bond Island,
we leave from a dock that is across from this fishing village. ( comments)
Boating into Phang Nga Bay.
It's fantastic. ( comments)
Everytime we try to ask the driver
a question, in mime or in English, he asks, "You go James Bond Island?" ( comments)
..which I've decided is a great way
to deal with any issues, whether financial, relationship, or any problems you may have in communication, simply ask ( comments)
"You go James Bond Island?"
(Which this beautiful rock is not, actually) ( comments)
..But this is.
( comments)
Dave goes James Bond Island.
( comments)
Nabi goes James Bond Island.
( comments)
At James Bond Island
(once called Ko Tapu, before American dollars overtook this local culture), we find out that we need to see the island, and we didn't bring money, so we end up leaving again. ( comments)
..but first we enjoy the view.
( comments)
And then we drive to the caves,
where kayakers are having a blast, and we find out we can rent a kayak actually on the water, but again, we are only carrying a few hundred Baht. ( comments)
So we go through the big cave
in the long boat. ( comments)
Looking out the cave.
( comments)
And moving through the other side.
( comments)
Coming out of the cave
[Video, 6.2M] ( comments)
Beautiful, beautiful rock islands.
I wouldn't mind living here. ( comments)
Looking out on the waters
(a panorama, which is why the boat is broken) ( comments)
Boating through the islands
[Video, 11.3M] ( comments)
We come upon Koh Pannyi island
( comments)
A floating fishing village
( comments)
Which is cobbled together on the water.
( comments)
Another kitten that we almost take home.
( comments)
Just walkways on a h.. pier/island/village
( comments)
Which is loaded with shops,
which basically all sell the same thing, for super cheap. ( comments)
Back to Bangkok for one night,
we go to "Thipsamai" which only serves Pad Thai, and their egg wrapped Pad Thai specialty is fantastic. ( comments)
The kitchen for Thipsamai
is on the sidewalk. ( comments)
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