Album: 06-14 Japan

     Album:2011:06-14 Japan
On the bus
from the airport. ( comments) the winner of
"weirdest ad ever" ( comments)
First glimpse of Tokyo
( comments)
And our first sushi in Japan..
( comments)
..verdict: Mediocre
(but just wait..) ( comments)
The most penis-y train ever.
( comments)
Sushi with Peter Vawter
( comments)
Verdict: Delicous
(and many, many plates consumed) ( comments)
Peter works at Universal Studios,
so.. free tickets! ( comments)
Nabi has a message for the world.
( comments)
Old-time quaintness
of Universal Studios Town ( comments)
All sorts of interesting
Americana from the ages. ( comments)
[Video, 4M]
Crazy video games.
Watch the speed of his fingers. ( comments)
Worst product placement ever.
And worst game ever. Check out the buttons to figure out what it is. ( comments)
Again with crazy video games.
Look at that speed! [Video, 6.1M] ( comments)
We dance in Osaka
( comments)
Peter and I
have a little steal jam, California style [Video, 8.3M] ( comments)
Osaka dance
(Lindy) [Video Ishii Hidetada] ( comments)
Osaka dance
(Blues-y) [Video Ishii Hidetada] ( comments)
Exhausted after dancing
[photo Peter Vawter] ( comments)
They have to wash lots of plates
in Japan [photo Peter Vawter] ( comments)
Found at an Osaka elementary school.
( comments)
We go to Nara Park...
( comments)
..where the deer are domesticated.
( comments)
..and you can feed them
(deer crackers) ( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
We examine enormous temples
in Nara Park ( comments)
That is hugenormous
and all wood. ( comments)
( comments)
Looking up at the roof
in the rain. ( comments)
Along the roof.
( comments)
Inside are buddha-ish statues.
( comments)
Some of whom look angry.
( comments)
And the Buddha.
( comments)
The deer off the beaten path..
( comments)
..are a little more timid.
( comments)
..and require some patience.
( comments)
Feeding more timid deer.
[Video, 4M] ( comments)
That become less timid.
[Video, 2.9M] ( comments)
Some deer,
waiting for the Deer-Bus back home after a hard workday of eating crackers. ( comments)
Talking to the bus deer
( comments)
Dave chillaxes with a deer.
( comments)
Feeding some more deer,
right before one whacks Nabi in an attempt to get food. Maybe not 100% domesticated. ( comments)
Chin scratching
( comments)
Nabi is surrounded
by less timid deer. [Video, 3.5M] ( comments)
Right after Nabi falls into the river
she's attempting to cross. ( comments)
Deer keeping dry
in the rain. ( comments)
Supertall pagoda.
( comments)
That's five stories, baby!
( comments)
Walking back
to the Nara train station ( comments)
We find a strangely out-of-place
strip mall. ( comments)
Where is the omelet put?
Ah, on the curry and rice. ( comments)
These clothes are not radioactive.
That's a good selling point. ( comments)
Sushi preparation.
( comments)
Cutting up the fish
[Video, 36.6M] ( comments)
[photo Ishii Hidetada]
Amazing sushi #3,
incredible. ( comments)
Aburi Sake (brazed Salmon)
is unbelievable. Like butter. [photo Ishii Hidetada] ( comments)
Can't get enough!
[photo Ishii Hidetada] ( comments)
We get sushi
after the workshop, and convince organizer Yoko to get a California roll. ( comments)
The workshop crowd getting sushi
( comments)
A gelatinous dessert
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
..which I can eat!
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
I happily ruin a photo
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
..bit by bit
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
..with nobody (except Nabi)
the wiser. [photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
Nabi pays off some
photo-ruining Karma [photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
The walking crowd
[photo Kean Santos] ( comments)
And we head towards the dance.
( comments)
The thinnest mall ever.
( comments)
Fire hydrant.
Umm.. Where? ( comments)
Teaching at the Lindy dance
in Tokyo ( comments)
Shim-sham, run by Shawn Potter,
our excellent host. ( comments)
High-brow sushi,
one piece at a time. ( comments)
Is so unbelievably good.
( comments)
Dave and Shawn
( comments)
Seriously. This is the best sushi ever.
( comments)
Nabi peeks out on Tokyo.
( comments)
The Akita famous for his loyalty (and with a train line named after him). He would have been good friends with my Kodi Bear. ( comments)
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