Album: 06-05 Denver Visit

     Album:2011:06-05 Denver Visit

Went out to visit my buddy Justin in Denver again and we made another film.

We also went cliff jumping at one of my favorite spots in Poudre Canyon which I hadn't jumped in over a decade. Somewhere between 60 and 85 feet?

Intro to the cliff jump
[Video, 29M] ( comments)
Looking out the tunnel
( comments)
[Video, 19M] ( comments)
Jump panorama
made from the video ( comments)
Second jump
[Video, 29M] ( comments)
My body is an icicle
[Video, 19M] ( comments)
Sun setting on the mountains
( comments)
Beautiful country
( comments)
We decide to hike up to this.
( comments)
More disobeying
[Video, 17M] ( comments)
An excellent tree
( comments)
Justin perches
( comments)
Dave perches
( comments)
Justin is king of the hill.
( comments)
Justin on a stick
( comments)
I visit my old house,
and I'm shocked by the size of the Ash tree (and the Lilac bush I planted) ( comments)
The neighbor's Ash trees
are half the size (four of them down on the right) ( comments)
My happy tree
that I took good care of when I lived here. ( comments)
We make another video,
and again lovingly handcraft a beautiful camera mount. ( comments)
During filming,
Justin gets in character by looking out the door. ( comments)
"Promise Me You Won't Be Angry"
[Video, 9M] ( comments)
Project time!
I decide to build some metal supports for my sectional keyboard. ( comments)
Plasma cutting
"I cut metal like butter" [Video, 18M] ( comments)
Cleaning the metal
on the grinder [Video, 11M] ( comments)
Measuring the bend for the legs
( comments)
Justin in his shop
( comments)
Welding it up
[Video, 7M] ( comments)
Before the last cuts for the legs
( comments)
The final stands
( comments)
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