Album: 05-21 Rapture End World Cult Extravaganza

     Album:2011:05-21 Rapture End World Cult Extravaganza

Those wacky Christians are at it again. Back in 1997 I had my first large party, in fact my first Blues party all thanks to a friend realizing that according to Bishop Ussher we were about to have the 6000th Bday of the world.

Now, thanks to Family Radio and Harold Camping, the stakes have been raised. They made it clear that the Rapture was going to happen on May 21st of 2011 (at 6pm, actually).


So we decided to have a party at the venue I run, The Rent Party, and we called it:

End Of The World Rapture Cult Extravaganza Party Exclamation Point

For those of you looking for recordings of our (creepy) daily affirmations that we had playing in the hallway, here they are:

Daily Affirmations one, two and three

From our Facebook Event

The Rent Party is prepared to entertain you, my fellow dancers!

Thanks to the fantastic zealots and their billboards from Family Radio, we now know that the rapture is happening on May 21st. And thanks to the hand of their god, this happens to land on a Saturday, so that means we're having a party at The Rent Party!

We've decided to make it a celebration of the End of the World and of all the cults that have brought us there (or thought they did).

Who: All TRP Cult Members (You)
Where: The TRP Compound (351 Shotwell St)
When: Judgment Day (May 21st)
Band: The Rapture Roustabouts

Show up in your finest cult wearings and let everyone know the true way! If you show up in Cult finery, then we won't be forced to make you wear a tin-foil hat. (Everyone knows that it's safest to make your own tin-foil hat, anyways)

We'll have a number of ridiculous Cult activities (including but not limited to The Blues and The Lindy), and you will have a great time! If you're interested in helping add any 'cultiness' to the night, please let us know and we might make you a part of our May 21st "Inner Circle"

But that's not all! We also have a band playing, The Rapture Roustabouts, on their last earthly tour before ascending into Heaven. But the prices for TRP are the same as usual... that's right, it's a band with no extra charge! That's because we love you, dear acolyte. Come and pray wit... play with us, at The Rent Party!

Thanks to Family Radio,...
( comments)
.. we know that the world
will end (has already ended!) ( comments)
I wonder if the venue has noticed
our addition to their artwork. ( comments)
The Leader with his favorite minions.
( comments)
..are all blessed by Reverend Rich
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Victor joins the photo.
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Space Unicorn, angry
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Space Unicorn, happy
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The crew demonstrates
some of the tin foil hats that were available for our guests. ( comments)
Jeanine shows off her favorite
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Dave rides a Space Unicorn
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