Album:2011:04-22 Fish Taco Blues San Diego

Alena in SD setup a Blues workshop for Haley and I to teach at. They were going to call it the "Dave and Haley Workshop" - a name I'm not particularly fond of, when Alena called me because she wanted a name more linked to San Diego. I asked her what SD was known for, and mentioned jokingly that I always thought of Fish Tacos and that she should call it the Fish Taco Blues Weekend. We laughed a bunch, and then she decided to call it that anyways, which is pretty damn funny.
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Demo with Haley
[Video, 19M]
Alena's Jam
[photo Samantha Thomas]
with a concerned Leanna on my knee [photo Samantha Thomas]
DJing, showing my
"professional side" [photo Samantha Thomas]
[photo Thomas Calabrese]
One of my favorite exercises
[photo Thomas Calabrese]
Showing the class
[photo Thomas Calabrese]
Pre-musicality class
[Video, 21M]
Haley looks on Pre-musicality class #2
(audio broken, but does it really matter?? :) [Video, 16M]
Musicality experiment
[Video, 33M]
Musicality experiment #2
[Video, 44M]
After some of the musicality class.
Big improvement! [Video, 41M]
Group hug!
[photo Thomas Calabrese]
Fish Taco Time!
Alena tries to steal my tacos.
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