Album: 03-25 Denver and Mile High Blues

     Album:2011:03-25 Denver and Mile High Blues

I headed out to Denver to hang with my friend Justin, and incidentally managed to go to Mile High Blues, which was surprisingly nice. Justin and I played in his metal shop, but also managed to make another film, this one entitled "The Hit"
Mr Peterson hides,
by camouflage ( comments)
Jackson is a big kitty.
( comments)
..and I mean *big* kitty
( comments)
Metal-shop time!
The beginnings of a trinket for one of my best friends. ( comments)
Dave's Old Metal Shop
[Video, 18M] ( comments)
Justin demonstrates the plasma cutter
[Video, 28M] ( comments)
We play with the plasma cutter,
which is the hottest thing ever. Literally and figuratively. ( comments)
Trinkets in various stages.
( comments)
The "handi-cam"
( comments)
How we made the handi-cam,
which I'm quite proud of. [Video, 41M] ( comments)
"The Hit"
our latest film [Video, 24M] ( comments)
Did I mention that Jackson
is a big kitty? ( comments)
Jackson and Mr. P
make peace. ( comments)
My last metal project,
a BRC man out of 1/2" thick metal. Hot! ( comments)
Plasma cutter:
Some BRC man in 1" steel, and some trinkets for good friend JD. ( comments)
Dancing with Kara
at Mile-High Blues (the "Unspeakable Evil" from the Lindy Focus videos) [photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
Mark Carpenter,
not on the West Coast! [photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
And I get to see Madison
again. [photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
Lauren and Madison,
in a tasty sandwich [photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
And I get to see Mam..vecat again as well!
[photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
Lauren and Karen
[photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
I don't think Ashley
is amused. [photo Andrew Nixon] ( comments)
Mr Peterson and Jackson
decide to make peace. ( comments)
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