Album: 02-17 UK Goodnight Sweetheart

     Album:2011:02-17 UK Goodnight Sweetheart

I go to London for a few days of romping around, and then it's up to Haileybury to teach at Goodnight Sweetheart (GNSH), which was a superfun event. We got great feedback and response, so it looks like we'll probably be back next year!
Horses in the street.
Seems very UK. ( comments)
Ane communes with nature.
( comments)
Hyde Park.
( comments)
Peter Pan statue.
Oddly, Peter Pan looks like a girly boy, instead of like me. Not sure why. ( comments)
I decide to go for a walk on the ice.
Wait.. what? ( comments)
The squirrels in Hyde Park are friendly.
( comments)
..And hungry.
( comments)
Big reflective mirror thing...
( comments)
..up close
( comments)
Ane decides to catch us dinner.
( comments)
And chases the squirrel up a tree.
(not actually true) ( comments)
The London 'Broadway'
( comments) right near their chinatown.
( comments)
Looking at Picadilly
( comments)
Then off to Good Night Sweetheart
( comments)
Everyone eats in the common hall
(which someone claimed was used in Harry Potter, but I am skeptical) ( comments)
A tired Ursi,
off to class. ( comments)
Teaching a really fun class.
[photo Yoni Alkan] ( comments)
Jo shows off her duckbrella
( comments)
Cute signs for directions everywhere.
( comments)
Performances, performances, performances..
( comments)
Ane sneaks up on me.
( comments)
And.. uh..
( comments)
An interesting riddle.
Took a few minutes to figure out the answer ( comments)
We go to see Wicked...
( comments)
..which has a nice set.
And that's about it. ( comments)
Back to the streets,
we find an interesting part of town on the East side? ( comments)
Though, be warned,
it's a Good Behavior Zone. That's awesome. ( comments)
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