Album:2011:02-11 Israel
Dancing with Leanna
[photo Ortal Ilouz]
Mid-sneeze action shot!
[photo Ariel Voskov]
Post-sneeze recovery!
[photo Ariel Voskov]
Valentine's Dance
[photo Ortal Ilouz]
Dancing w/ Leanna
[photo Ortal Ilouz]
Gadi and his A/C system
[photo Ortal Ilouz]
Leanna's kitty. We travel for hours
to get to Hamat Gader, a lovely spa.
..And the info on their website
is wrong, and they've closed! Bastards!
But I manage to walk on water
in the Sea of Galilee. Yes, that sea. And with the long hair.
Walking around New Jerusalem.
Beautiful streets.
..and cats who want to say hi.
..and horses to ride. General Dave Looking at the old city. And looking out from the old city.
For my mom,
who loves glass art, this is hanging in King David's Tower
Sitting atop my tower. Looking fancy. The view from my tower..
I mean.. King David's Tower. Big panorama looking out across Jerusalem.
There's a map explaining everything Which my panorama fits pretty nicely. Looking down into the ruins at the tower. Dave and Leanna
Leanna in the ruins. More glass art for my mum. At a store in Jerusalem,
pots that are thousands of years old. For sale. Whoa.
Leanna standing on top of the city.
Young sir, touch not my tacos!
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
The crowd at the weekly Blues dance
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
As velociraptors
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
Dancing at the weekly Blues dance
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
Birthday boy, Saba
[photo Nur Lee Harel]
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