Album: 02-09 Kiev Ukraine

     Album:2011:02-09 Kiev Ukraine
Flying to Kiev,
over a sea of clouds. ( comments)
A famous church,
of some reknown. One of the few buildings that survived WWII, evidently. ( comments)
Part of a very interesting
park that is tiled over in a quasi-Gaudi style ( comments)
More churches.
This one had catacombs... ( comments) well as being the center
of golden spires, apparently. ( comments)
Does this golden spire
make my ass look fat? ( comments)
Klavdia, my guide.
( comments)
We head to a dark, bleak
WWII museum. ( comments)
Which is piping out
deathly Ukrainian/Russian war music. ( comments)
(Although they had this
70's style tanks) ( comments)
In the museum, a very Ford Model A
inspired war truck (though of Russian manufacture). ( comments)
The top of the museum,
is the only bit of light. ( comments)
Another church.
( comments)
They love their dead saints
in the Ukraine, they keep their mummified corpses in the churches and pray to them. Strange cult. ( comments)
The "Golden Gate" in Kiev,
is a gate. Except it has no wall. Doesn't seem like much of a defense when you can just walk around it. I think it should just be converted into a kids' playground. ( comments)
Near the main commerce street.
( comments)
Anna's upper floor,
just for dancing. ( comments)
So we have a dance party
on my last night. ( comments)
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