Album: 02-05 Vilnius Lithuania

     Album:2011:02-05 Vilnius Lithuania

Then it was off to Vilnius, Lithuania, a place I've wanted to visit and dance in for a long time. The energy and people there are great, and I think they're going to be making themselves into one of the capitals of Swing in Europe soon enough. I didn't think they'd be much interested in Blues, since they are vintage and fast, but when they found out I was there they asked me to teach a Blues class. That'll teach me for making assumptions.
My boarding pass.
Please note boarding time. And compare it to the departure time. That's really efficient! ( comments)
Fantastic motion capture effect
on the propellers on my phone. ( comments)
Which had a different effect
vertically, thanks to the scan order ( comments)
..And looked pretty cool
as a video [Video, 6.7M] ( comments)
Their monthly special dance
on Saturday ( comments)
..with the fantastic
Rhythm Junkies [Video, 19M] ( comments)
Giedre does a Bluesy Hula.
( comments)
Gedaminas Ave,
right near my hotel. ( comments)
Has a great view in both directions.
( comments)
I spot a church,
and find out that it is St Catherine's Church it is thanks to Google Googles. Cool feature. But it must use location info to figure this out. ( comments)
..then I notice
some strange dragons in the water pipes. So I google "St Catherine dragons" and find out that she's a protector against dragons. Cool! Interesting to be a high-tech tourist. ( comments)
But then Google Googles fails,
claiming this is the Church of St Teresa, which is nearby and not to dissimilar. Definitely it's using location info. ( comments)
The cathedral,
with the tower in the background. ( comments)
View from the town hall
( comments)
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