Album: 01-30 Nice France

     Album:2011:01-30 Nice France

I was sent to Nice, France for my work at iCelero. I had been in Nice over two decades before visiting my Great Aunt Vera, so it was interesting to be back. On my last night I managed to sneak over to Italy and Monaco, adding two more countries to my 'visited' list.
The streets in Nice
( comments)
Sun over the water
( comments)
I think this was or was near
my Great Aunt Vera's apartment (confirmed: it's the middle terrace above the bright red awnings) ( comments)
And the restaurant next door
that she loved, "Le Safari" ( comments)
Walking the street
towards the city center. ( comments)
And again at night.
( comments)
The walk along the beach,
which I remember as being bigger when I was young. ( comments)
..and is also significant
in my childhood memory as the first place I saw women topless. Holy cow! ( comments)
I go to Sanremo, Italy
to see what it's like. ( comments)
And it's true,...
( comments)
..They do love their scooters.
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The main pedestrian strip
( comments)
Walking the streets.
( comments)
The old streets.
( comments)
Driving back to France,
tunnels, tunnels, tunnels... ( comments)
Looking down at Monaco
( comments)
Driving into
the country/city/principality/whatever ( comments)
Back in Nice
for one last night. ( comments)
I find a great fountain.
With bulls. ( comments)
And walk into old town.
( comments)
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