Album:2011:01-30 Nice France

I was sent to Nice, France for my work at iCelero. I had been in Nice over two decades before visiting my Great Aunt Vera, so it was interesting to be back. On my last night I managed to sneak over to Italy and Monaco, adding two more countries to my 'visited' list.
The streets in Nice Sun over the water I think this was or was near
my Great Aunt Vera's apartment (confirmed: it's the middle terrace above the bright red awnings)
And the restaurant next door
that she loved, "Le Safari"
Walking the street
towards the city center.
And again at night. The walk along the beach,
which I remember as being bigger when I was young.
..and is also significant
in my childhood memory as the first place I saw women topless. Holy cow!
I go to Sanremo, Italy
to see what it's like.
And it's true,... ..They do love their scooters. The main pedestrian strip
Walking the streets. The old streets. Driving back to France,
tunnels, tunnels, tunnels...
Looking down at Monaco
Driving into
the country/city/principality/whatever
Back in Nice
for one last night.
I find a great fountain.
With bulls.
And walk into old town.
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