Album:2010:11-18 Austin Lindy Exchange

Austin Lindy Exchange!
I go to Sara/Titus' place
to hang with them and Joachim/Carolyn.
Joachim Carolyn Sara ponders eating Joachim's foot.
from San Antonio [photo Samuel Chang Thu]
Awesome hosts,
Sherry and her boy. [photo Samuel Chang Thu]
Australia in the house
[photo Samuel Chang Thu]
I do the ALX Scavenger Hunt again.
Sarah and I form a team and kick ass. I make one mistake which puts us in second place. Ah well.
We had to get a photo in this bar,.. A photo of you
and 30 musicians.
We find the actual photo
that Scavenger Hunt Party Matt was hoping for, and he is pleased.
Mary Kate and Sara Lee..
A prime numbered house. Not part of the scavenger hunt,
but this squirrel let me actually touch him. Brave Texas squirrels!
Another clue. The regular Zilker Clubhouse
and it's view.
The Jessica-half
of Marilyn Monroe was at ALX this year. [photo Jeffery Washington]
I look so serious
[photo Jeffery Washington]
Little Maggie
from Fort Worth [photo Jeffery Washington]
At the park
[photo Peter Rogers]
Dancing with the
terribly funny Anna [photo Samuel Chang Fri Late]
Anna and Mike Dancing at the Fed,
of course.
Amber shows up!
Planning our next exchange?
[photo Samuel Chang]
It's Joy's bday,
so alcohol is involved. [photo Nathan Malone]
Nate the Great visits
with his balloon collection, and I invent a little weiner dog. [photo Nathan Malone]
And then we go to T.C.s,
of course.
The band is always fantastic
[Video, 16M]
Joy seems to be
dancing on a table, doesn't she? [Video, 25M]
..for more Joy birthday shenanigans T.C.s is so ghetto,
I loves it muchly.
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