Album:2010:11-06 Zurich Blues
Start of Musicality class.
Note the pulse regardless of music. [Video, 7.3M]
Start of class, take 2.
[Video, 7M]
Instrument experiment.
Watch for 20s. [Video, 15.8M]
End of Musicality class.
Note the enormous difference in musical response [Video, 17M]
End of class, take 2.
Hallelujah! [Video, 14.1M]
Dancing at Silbando ..which I haven't been to
in a long time, for ridiculous political reasons.
Ursi has a jam
Ursi's jam
[Video, 36.1M]
..which I think is
the anniversary of her opening Downtown Swing
And some adorable
Lindy Hopper Pie
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