Album:2010:11-01 Lindy Shock Budapest

Another year at Lindy Shock, one of my favorite camps in Europe.
I'm on a motherfuckin' boat! When boats go under bridges,
all the people on the top of the boat need to run across, because... umm.. because... okay, so I guess it's mob rule. [Video, 38M]
Kevin is so damn talented,... ..that he does a Hungarian folk dance
performance, *in* Hungary. [Video, 8M]
Dancing in the Teacher's Jam
(with Sonya jumping in as my Follow, Sonya is awesome!) [Photo Christopher Allen]
We go to the Turkish baths. Are they not awesome?
This is Ane getting worried about security...
..because we are being thrown out.
has a lovely view that my iPhone fails to capture.
Racing through Budapest
in a Taxi,
After-party dance. ..with a great little trio.
[Video, 6.8M]
Marcell, post-Lindy Shocked.
I stand guard at the castle. ..which is probably nicer
in the daytime, and without construction.
Last look before going home.
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