Album:2010:10-22 Oslo Norway Blues

I went to Oslo to teach a Blues workshop and hangout with Ane who I had met in Göteborg.

Norway, incidentally, is awesome. I'm more Swedish than Norwegian by blood, but I kind of wish it was the other way around.

Octoberfest in Norway
means getting drunk in a tent.
Teaching Musicality
[Video, 23.6M]
And then this swirling vortex
appeared out of nowhere. We entered the TimeGate and found....
Norwegian Folk Dancers!
They kept beckoning us in, and I thought, what the hell, I'm a Lindy (folk) dancer, so why not.
Ane scrunches her nose
in nostalgia and fear, and somehow a little heart pops out of her nostrils (that must have been on the wall, but I swear it looks like someone edited the photo, which did not happen)
So we decide to join.
[Video, 9.4M]
..and by "we decide"
I mean "I force Ane to join" [Video, 12M]
The streets of Oslo
Dave rides the lion
at the train station.
We walk up on the slanted roof
of the Opera house, which is beautiful and wonderfully dangerous.
Rooftop sunset Ane surveys the view
[Video, 8.2M]
The roof is slippery,
which is fantastic.
Ane slides
[Video, 9.7M]
The lights.
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