Album:2010:10-08 Goteborg Blues II
My (original) name
is Swedish for "heather"
The dance at "Duke's Place"
does a good job of hiding that it's in a business building.
Instrument experiment
(level 1) [Video, 2.8M]
Musicality level 1
(to "Feelin' Good") [Video, 3.7M]
Musicality 2 level 1
("Feelin' Good") [Video, 2.5M]
Teaching class Instrument experiment
(level 2) [Video, 4.2M]
Musicality level 2
(Buble's "Feelin' Good") [Video, 6.2M]
We go to the last day
of the Goteborg Tivoli (amusement park) and watch the fireworks!
[Video, 2M]
Surprise rabbits
in the Swedish city.
Mr. P gets comfy
in a garbage bag.
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