Album:2010:10-01 LA Blues

All photos by the awesome Andy Lee
Teaching how to snap Let us pray Lost in hair I smile sometimes.
Jerry and Kathy Crystal SLO Heather Mark and Whitton
Crystal from Phoenix Quiet coyote Happy demo time
(Hey, is that girl yawning in the background? 20 pushups!)
More happy demo Ain't I purty?
There was a reason why I was pretending to be a Southern Belle right before juding the comps, but I can't remember why..
Judging the comps Wha?!
Whitton wins maximum dorkage Katelyn topher w/ new hair The theme was nose picking
(or at least timing it with the camera flash so the follow didn't have a chance to react)
Bryson in the house. SLO Laura Class Demo
Jump through the hoop, Mike! Mike works it Class Mike showing how to not Blues
The SLO crowd The SLO crowd, additional Katelyn amusements Eric and Mandy,
of the awesome
Berlin, the rescue dog,.. ..and I eventually became friends. She was a good dog,
though a bit scared.
..and forlorn.
Brother Yusef Tina D Dancing w/ Organizer McAwesome, Tracy Mission accomplished!
Chris and Campbell,
in their Blues Surfing class, I imagine.
Mike works it
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