Album:2010:08-29 Burning Man

A busy year for me.

Evidently when you are unemployed, then you work on your vacation.

This year I ran a theme camp and ran two art projects, Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots and Bike Jousting.

And it was great, but I tire of trying to inspire other people to do work at Burning Man, so I am going back to my tried and true anti-social method of doing projects that are sized for one person.

Entering the city
[photo Reed Miller]
Initial arrival,
just Eric and I at first [Video Eric C, 35.5M]
Bliss Dance,
the belle of the ball [photo Eric Carter]
Instamatic of the town
[photo Eric Carter]
[Video Eric C, 32.4M]
Whiteout storm!
[Video Eric C, 14.7M]
Bike jousting
[photo Eric Carter]
Initial joust testing
demonstrates our first technical issue.
Then we add pads,
and the jousting becomes more exciting [Video Eric C, 53.3M]
..and leads to our first
jousting injury [Video Eric C, 32.9M]
Girl jousting
[Video Eric C, 32.9M]
Michelle advertises jousting
[Video Eric C, 91.4M]
Victor takes on contender
[Video Eric C, 27.3M]
[Video Eric C, 24.4M]
total failure, even attempting it on feet [Video Eric C, 56.3M]
Coming up on the town frontage
[Video Eric C, 19.8M]
The assembled bots
come back to Burning Man [photo Larry Colen]
Robot referees
are also known for their dancing abilities. [photo Eric Carter]
[photo Kaitlin Kreuzenstein]
[photo Morgan Hellefante]
[photo Morgan Hellefante]
(a bit of a sissy battle) [Video Eric C, 80.9M]
A powerful and quick battle, some advertising, and a longer fight [Video Eric C, 156.9M] [thumb=xxs]
ReSe Champion Dave (Team USDA)
steps in to end a long Red Rocker reign. [Video Eric C, 28.2M]
The center camp has a map
of all the art on the playa, including the robots, and hence, my name, in print, on the floor of center camp. Wow. [photo Victor Dods]
People inside the Temple
[photo Reed Miller]
The Man
[photo Reed Miller]
Tasty art car
[photo Reed Miller]
Prepping for Propane Soccer
[photo Charles Cheung]
JD forlorn?
:) [photo Charles Cheung]
Sticking our heads
in the fire (courtesy fire helmets) [photo Charles Cheung]
Sticking our heads in fire
[Video Eric C, 108.1M]
The game
[photo Reed Miller]
The game
[photo Reed Miller]
Propane soccer,
initial volleys [Video Eric C, 112M]
[photo Charles Cheung]
You're out!
[photo Charles Cheung]
Danny washes his hands
[photo Reed Miller]
The Dodinator
[photo Reed Miller]
Reed at town
[photo Reed Miller]
Bliss in the storm
[photo Reed Miller]
Jennifer's paint The town at night Pre-burn festivities
[amazing photo Scott]
Man go boom
[Video Eric C, 119.4M]
Man falls
[Video Eric C, 12.5M]
The temple burns Watching the temple burn
with JD [Video Eric C, 14.6M]
Up close at the temple burn
The burn Post-burn hanging out
as the city dismantles. Reeds wig. Awesome.
We found a town
that was doing waterboarding, so we decided to try it. It's unpleasant.
We found a town
that was doing waterboarding, so we decided to try it. It's unpleasant.
Victor gets extra torture. Take 3.
Victor pushes himself until he spills state secrets.
The end of a theme camp Fuck you, theme camp...
..I burn the sign. Burn baby, burn. Packing up to go home. Playing with propane again we do post-burn We hit the dump
on the way out and see examples of why you have to have a solid shade structure.
Black Rock City
from space
My town from space
(the bus is the red rectangle)
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