Album:2010:06-29 Herrang

Another year, another Herräng.

Though this time it's my tenth year, and this time things start changing at Herräng for me.

After many years of troublemaking and many years of strife with the Herräng middle-management, I fully joined Calle's crew and became his dedicated worker for the five weeks I was there (not to mention taking classes week three and working in the cafe week 2.. whew!)

Turns out that if you're working for one of the "Friends Of Herräng" then you can do lots of troublemaking and you get praise for it instead of friction.

That's nice.

It was quite a year. Calle created the "Team Mission Impossible" for which I designed the shirts and ran a bunch of the activities, including the reopening (and expansion) of his restaurant(s). This year we redid Hooters, of course (with official shirts), and Dennys of course, and then we added in a Mexican restaurant, a food court and a Chinese restaurant. The food court was a terrible disaster because we had a *huge* turnout, only to discover that all of the stoves except for one burner burned out minutes after opening. We ended up with a plethora of unused eggs and ham, for which I came up with the idea of opening a Green Eggs and Ham cafe, which turned out to be very disturbing (and amusing) to the Europeans.

There was a Bollywood party week 2, which I had a wonderful time as a member of the Indian slums. The party week 4 was "Holy Grail" and I ended up scripting and helping choreograph an amusing battle scene (that I sadly don't have full video coverage of... so it goes).

I hung out in Stockholm for a day, managed to get a tent for my Husvagn, and generally worked too hard (as I did at Burning Man this year - a theme I intend to put a stop to pronto).

I put together a couple of videos, most notable being a promo for our ridiculous Matchmaking service, shot and edited in about 90min, and a decent enough video.

After Herräng it was off to Stockholm for Jazz Jam (never as much fun as I keep hoping it would be), and then dancing for a few nights at Chicago as I relax in Stockholm.

And then back to the states, where I got upgraded for my flight to Chicago and then again to SF the next day!

I design the Team Mi..on Impossible shirt.
I snap a quick photo of Calle for it, and.. turns out,
much to my surprise, that he looks very much like an older version of the little Swedish boy on the Kalle's caviar that I intend to replace with him.
Our "Team America" crew
for the Fourth Of July. Embarassing and awesome [photo Leru]
Swedish Aerobics
thanks to Calle and Team Mission Impossible. [photo Slava Bogatov]
That's me in my
awesome Aerobics leggings [photo Tara Ratnayake]
Kyle and I helped
with a Car Bingo by singing something, I can't recall what [photo Jonatan Hedberg]
One of my funniest moments,
reading off a 'status report' of what Team Mission Impossible had accomplished (and not) while Kyle tries not to crack up in the background. Wish I had a video. At least I have the script [photo Mattias Wrande]
The "police sketch"
from the meeting
Frida has to dance with
(and identify) a teacher/chicken [photo Nicholas Leeson]
Mark decides to try .. for a world record,
the world's largest Shim Sham (I believe we succeeded, barely)
It was a very hot day,
so afterwards it was time to cool off.
Calle prays for rain
Then, of course,
Mark needs to be attacked.
Dancing with Pauline,
who then hosted me in Stockholm
The week 2 party: Bollywood.
Everyone dressed as Bollywood stars, but we decided that India Herrang was missing an Indian Slum. [photo Mattias Wrande]
And I sell magic necklaces,
guaranteed to cure cancer, find true love and stop mosquitos. [photo Tatiana Satsenya]
You come buy necklace!
[photo Jeanne Mostyka]
I made 150Kr
(about $18 that night) [photo Tatiana Satsenya]
Your photo steals my soul!
10 kroner! [photo Jeanne Mostyka]
dancing on the Indian night [photo Eva Jannson]
Attacking the photographer
[photo Eva Jannson]
Our Mexican restaurant
[photo Erik Underbjerg]
We had our grand opening,
and our going out of business the same night [photo Chris Allen]
Preparing the Mexican restaurant
[Photo R Brown]
Bicycle Burro
[Photo R Brown]
Mark/Robert decide to have musical chairs
before the meeting. The winner gets to have a comfy chair during the meeting. [Photo R Brown]
I help invite people
to come and play. [Photo R Brown]
We run a practice game
[Photo R Brown]
Oh the defeat!
[Photo R Brown]
Next practice,
I demonstrate my "Chair Possession Technique" [Photo R Brown]
Only green chairs
are safe. [Photo R Brown]
I save Robert
from certain doom. [Photo R Brown]
Mark explains the rules
[Photo R Brown]
And the real game begins
[Photo R Brown]
The Dodinator
is in the game [Photo R Brown]
Lloyd accepts defeat
like a warrior [Photo R Brown]
I save the girl
from the Kiosk [Photo R Brown]
You need to pick your allies
as the game whittles down. But these allies will soon be betrayed, oh yes they will. [Photo R Brown]
My chair hopping technique
(which was soon outlawed) [Photo R Brown]
A close call,
and a race begins [Photo R Brown]
But ass-on-chair
is the deciding factor [Photo R Brown] I fight for my
virtuously won prize [Photo R Brown]
The hunt continues
[Photo R Brown]
A tie occurs,
I am again close to death. [Photo R Brown]
The tie is resolved ..Rock/Paper/Scissors.
Mortal threats are an important component in the winning strategy for Rock/Paper/Scissors [Photo R Brown]
I am back in the game
[Photo R Brown]
And a fight with Pao
over the chair! Mille of security needs to start yelling at us, of course. I have ass-on-chair but lose it! [Photo R Brown]
Oh sweet victory,
you have been robbed from me! [Photo R Brown]
At least, in the end,
it is Pao (who took me out) that wins [Photo R Brown]
And thus it is a Mission Impossible Agent
who sits in the comfy chair. [Photo R Brown]
Our 19th class,
load a bunch of clowns.. [photo Mattias Wrande]
..into Calle's car
(about 16 of us?) [photo Mattias Wrande]
..and drive into classes
[photo Mattias Wrande]
..and run around like maniacs.
(and eventually break Calle's car. Oops) [photo Mattias Wrande]
Cesar, an awesome cat,
was very friendly, even going up on stage during the meeting. [photo Ondine Petretti]
The lovely Klavdia,
with her cat friend Cesar
This will take explaining.
Peter Strom was joking about how he was getting old and couldn't dance late, and Lennart suggested that they have an 8pm dance before the meeting for him, and it ended up being a dance in the future where Peter dressed up as an old man, and I wore this 'vintage' T-Shirt from 2042.
Dancing at the 8pm dance.
[photo Litvinova N]
I design the Herrang Hooters shirt
for our grand reopening.
And we run Hooters in Sweden
[Photo R Brown]
Prepping the wait staff
[Photo R Brown]
The opening show
[Photo R Brown]
With many girls,
in Calle style. [Photo R Brown]
Taking orders
[Photo R Brown]
How to entertain the customers?
[Photo R Brown]
Tina knows
[Photo R Brown]
Placing orders,
I run the kitchen, as always. [Photo R Brown]
A booming business.
According to Dawn Hampton, we have the best chicken wings she's ever had. [Photo R Brown]
Someone (Ekaterina) doesn't like
their photo taken [Video, 1.9M]
Flipping eggs at Denny's
[photo Bill Jenkins]
As a gag I make a video with Chester
making fun of his inability to get to class on time. It could have been shorter, but the time to film and edit was very short. [Video, 5M]
Amazing China Garden frontage
[photo Chris Yee]
China Garden staff
[photo Chris Yee]
Adam ran the China Garden.
[photo Chris Yee]
Working the kitchen
[photo Nicholas Leeson]
Some of our few
happy customers on a very troubled night. [photo Chris Yee]
Me on the only
working burner [photo Chris Yee]
Preparing for battle
[photo Thai Tran]
We do a pythonesque battle
that I script and choreograph with Chester and crew. [photo Thai Tran]
Standoff between the Captains
This video is unfortunately too close
to see everything that's happening, so much of the funny is missing. [Video Victor Dods, 159M]
I wish I had a full video...
[photo Viktoriia Skliar]
Musical chairs, in a competition
to get into the meeting first. I was the last man standing (sitting) [photo Niko Huttunen]
..but not the last woman.
The final four were women, I was fifth. You can see Mille the security guard panicking over the unsafe conditions of the game. [photo Niko Huttunen]
The final winner, Paolo,
next to the bidder on the comfiest chair. [photo Niko Huttunen]
Running a restaurant
[photo Niko Huttunen]
What I thought
was "yet another striptease" during Cabaret night.. [photo Chris Yee]
Was definitely something else.
Surprise! [photo Chris Yee]
Dave reclines
[photo Anna Logvinova]
..overlooking Stockholm
[photo Anna Logvinova]
Chillin' in Stockholm
[photo Anna Logvinova]
..w/ my cheap sunglasses
[photo Anna Logvinova]
Dave in Stockholm
[photo Anna Logvinova]
[photo Anna Logvinova]
Anna feeds a statue
[photo Anna Logvinova]
Hair moment
[photo Anna Logvinova]
We open an actual chinese restaurant
and I guzzle some oil [photo Thai Tran]
I am cooking a mouse
(I suppose that makes contextucal sense) [photo Thai Tran]
Thai works the China Garden
[photo Thai Tran]
Ondine and I in an awesome hair moment
[photo Thai Tran]
Ondine has her own awesome hair moment
[photo Thai Tran]
And then I get my own
[photo Thai Tran]
Some portraits I took..
[photo Lina's Camera]
..thanks to Lina's camera
[photo Lina's Camera]
..while sitting outside the Kiosk
[photo Lina's Camera]
And a portrait of me
[photo Lina]
Unintentional sad face
[photo Lina]
I go to the beach,
and make a panorama (though I wish the exposure blending had worked better instead of just whiting out the center..)
Dave and Eirini
[photo Lina]
Crashing in the bar
with a dangerous Ukrainian [photo Louise Tangermann]
Retarded dancing
during the awesome "Bad Music Night" [photo Slava Bogatov]
I run a matchmaking service
during week 5, and I create this promo video for the meeting (shooting and editing in about 90 min total!) [Video, 21M - or full size (50M)]
Dancing with a tiger
[photo Thai Tran]
A New Orlean's style jazz line.. ..gets ready to walk
down to the dance.
And here they come.
Jazz Line
[Video, 3.8M]
Camille at the party. Budapest in the house. Playing at the Folkets Hus
Mieke is a lamb. The entry to the Folkets Hus Banu is surprised. Dancing late.
getting ready to leave
My husvagn,
which has twice the area now, thanks to a fortallt/tent
Late night crew
at Jazz Jam [photo Jonatan Hedberg]
We have a party
at Max's burger joint.
Walking around late after Jazz Jam,
people finally start to go home.
Dancing at Chicago
[photo Johann Brennenmann]
Dancing with Ondine
[photo Ondine Petretti]
Afterwards we eat
at a nearby kiosk. [photo Ondine Petretti]
Which is a party
[photo Ondine Petretti]
Woo woo
[photo Ondine Petretti]
I became an old man,
for some reason. [photo Ondine Petretti]
[photo Niko Huttunen]
Getting tired
in the middle of the night. [photo Ondine Petretti]
Late night crew
[photo Ondine Petretti]
Attacked by Paolo
[photo Ondine Petretti]
I get upgraded to business class
(with the near sleeper beds!)
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