Album: 06-25 Munich Germany

     Album:2010:06-25 Munich Germany
Many buildings were partially damaged,
so parts of the buildings were old, and parts were new. ( comments)
A panorama of a building
with an old frontage and (very) new sides. (source images) ( comments)
Walking through Munich
( comments)
Best named strip club ever
( comments)
We go to a beer garden,
German-style ( comments)
I am a pretty flower
( comments)
( comments)
A monument to those murdered
by those motherfucking Nazis ( comments)
Another town, another goose,
but these with very interesting feathers. ( comments)
Some bungee rope, a ..d, some fast water..
[Video, 6.1M] ( comments)
River boarding
[Video, 5.3M] ( comments)
And then up the river,..
[Video, 6M] ( comments)
Surfers take turns
on the swell that comes after a bridge[Video, 6.6M] ( comments)
One goes down,
another jumps in. [Video, 9.9M] ( comments)
Surfer madness
[Video, 6M] ( comments)
Surfers taking turns riding
this continuous wave. This panorama was interesting to stitch - that's actually the same surfer two times, and you can see where I had to fill in some background. (source images) ( comments)
Surfers may die!
( comments)
In the "English Gardens"
lies the "Monopterus" (sp?) ( comments)
Panorama of the ceiling,
hugin rocks, but it had a hard time with the repeating patterns, as you can see from the first stitch attempt, so I had to manually set control points to partially fix it. (source images) ( comments)
Dave is a pirate
on the Monopterus ( comments)
Chillin' with Antje
( comments)
Antje in the sun
( comments)
( comments)
I've seen street bands,
but a piano??? ( comments)
This band was mixing classical
with heavy metal stylings ( comments)
The street band
[Video, 4.3M] ( comments)
Dancing in the park
( comments)
Antje's bday jam
( comments)
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