Album:2010:06-18 Cambridge London UK

We went back to Cambridge for one day to teach some Blues, then headed down to London for some Blues and Lindy, and also to get mugged
Ursi and I
are back in Cambridge!
Lukewarm drinks are fine, though.
[Silly signs division]
Awesome freakish monster driven clock Fantastic unimog-ish army vehicle
Simon brings us to London
on Sunday
Judy Cook and,
what the heck, Jeremy Sutton from SF?
Great dancer,
totally forgot her name.
Our class
Then we head off to Paradise Gardens,
an awesome "old-timey" steam engine styled amusement park.
That travels around in
fantastic old vehicles. This time appearing at Victoria Gardens.
Be careful. That's ..han one load of fun. Gorgeous trailer.
With old-timey rides! And I finally get to see a wall of death. And one of the bikes
is a gorgeous old Indian
Ummm.. That's not how gravity works.
Wall of Death!
[Video, 2.2M]
The old Indian
sputters up the wall. [Video, 4.3M]
Wall of death! Look Ma,
No Hands! [Video, 3.8M]
The grand finale
[Video, 9.4M]
A yiddish ska-ish "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"
[Video, 1.8M]
This is the exit,
ummm,... to... somewhere.
Walking back to the steampunk carnival.
Another gorgeous sure in retracts. A panorama of Paradise Gardens.
See the intermediate stitching or the source images
The night sky in London
has fantastic photo taking light.
And elephants.
Walking towards Picadilly
A panorama of Picadilly.
See the intermediate stitching or the source images
A very British cat.
Zoom in on his face.
Charles Chaplin-esque street performer.
Interesting, but slow paced, just like Charlie.
Simon does a warmup
at the 100 Club.
Dancing at the 100 Club Simon and Ursi
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