Album:2010:06-12 Stuttgart Germany

We went to Stuttgart to teach a one-day Blues workshop
Now that's service!
Franke(sp?) picks me up at the train station.
Organizer Anika
goofs around while dancing
After the workshop,
we get shirts and (Ursi gets) flowers.
I am jealous of Ursi's flowers.
The "Feeling Good Blues Band" At the Saturday dance
(at a lighter point in the night)
We find some amusing toys
in the middle of Stuttgart's otherwise boring shopping district.
I was pulling myself in
to spin faster, until I didn't have the strength to pull in anymore. It got pretty fast after doing it for a few times, and I was getting tired and dizzy and happy. [Video, 3.5M]
Walking through the park,
we see a family of ducklings.
And Germans, not surprisingly,
know how to build awesome forts! This is one of the smaller ones in the park.
Stuttgart isn't very exciting,
but it has something totally awesome...
There's some old train cars
that the train company rents out for something like 50-100Eu/mo, and artists/gypsies/bohemians live in them.
A makeshift stage. And the end has a 'Cirkus' With a makeshift locomotive bar
(everything here is makeshift, and it's wonderful)
And this theater space.
Because you need a theater space.
With tables strewn a..nge cafe atmosphere. And the last few cars
are party cars that you can rent for the night.
Closeup of the stage seating.
Very Burning Man-esque.
The first train in the set
was owned by a man named shamal(sp?). This is his kitchen.
..and the view
of the bridge acoross the top of his car.
..his rooftop patio,
overlooking Stuttgart and the rail yard.
His neighbor's car. Sara enjoys the sun
on the patio
Sara takes me on tour
of one of the parks to climb this tower. Note the geese in the left corner?
We go to talk to the geese. And they aren't happy.
I wish I had a movie of this.
And we come up to the tower.
I do a 360° panorama
of Stuttgart on a cloudy day from the top of the tower. This image (click on the medium size to get to it) is 12M, the complete full size image is 68M, and here are the source files. Available for attributed, non-commercial use.
I do another panorama
looking into (what I think is the main part of) Stuttgart. It's a bleak day, though I love the heart paths in the grass in the bottom middle. I also like how there is almost a harmonic of darkness across the tree tops (though I suppose this may be from different white balances in the photos). This is the combination of many photos. Available for attributed, non-commercial use. This image is actually 1/3 the size of the full Panorama, the full image is 11040x6944 and 95M (let me know if you want a copy)
The excellent linux hugin tool
does the stitching of photos automatically..
..and then blends them.
I just have to crop, and then blend in some fake clouds and fake grass and walkway on the corners, where I never have enough photos.
Sara on the tower. The hauptbanhof (train station)
is chaos, the AC/DC concert lets out at the same time that Germany wins one of it's World Cup games, and there's sports fans and metal fans covering the streets.
I head to Türbingen
on my way back to Zürich, and it has an excellent bike tunnel.
As well as a nice river
running through old town with some venetian style boats.
Sitting along the river bank
[crappy iPhone camera]
And there is a pigeon hotel.
[crappy iPhone camera]
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