Album:2010:05-30 Grenoble France
Mr. Peterson and I
take the train to Grenoble.
The mountains are beautiful. I take the Telespheric..
(english translation: "James Bond-like Bubbles on Wires"
..with Agnes
..away from Grenoble ..with death below! ..up to the Bastille
(castle/tower/fort) which is beautiful.
As is this mountain.
Agnes and I fall to our death. Then, on self timer,
my camera decides to fall at exactly 10 seconds and captures this picture of it's descent.
I take a Panoramic [9603x2232]
which turns out better than expected. Click on the medium sized image to get the full resolution photo. This image free for non-commercial use with attribution. Construction details here
We find some tunnels!
..And a tunnel troll It is fantastically
Lord Of The Rings-ish. (LotRish?)
There is a higher Bastille
for the very brave hikers.
Of which I qualify.
The view of the snow-capped mountains. The way down.. ..has an endless stream
of tunnel and stairs.
Including these beautiful stairs
(LotRish, again)
Giants on the left,
hobbits on the right.
Dave of the forest.
(actually a focus-cheating composite of two images)
We take a break
on the descent.
I finally find Mexican food
in Europe! Wait.. Bagels? Hot Dogs? Tapas?!?
I show up at the weekly dance in Grenoble. Where I run into Roman Agnes studies for her exam
with Mr. Peterson.
A nearby (tasty) wokbar
had a special deal, guess the languages on the board and get a free meal. I did some research and was only off by one, not bad for an American. The languages: French, English, Spanish, Romanian, Haitian Creole, Indonesian, Hindi, Portugues, German, Arabic, Bulgarian (I guessed Slavic), Korean.
CinemaDave is mobile!
We hike up to the Bastille at night and watch The Time Traveller's Wife on the side of a cliff next to a fire. Fantastic! (Again, a fake exposure composite of two images, with and w/out flash)
Mr Peterson is content
as long as she's not in transit.
The first dance
for GLX.
And the daytime dance,
back at the Bastille with it's view.
How much do you want to shop
in a store that is (almost) the namesake of an STD?
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